60 second heist Slot Online 2022 – review

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What is The 60-Second Heist Slot Game?

Slot 60 Second Heist gives the idea that to be able to change from poor to rich does not take long. This means that in just 1 minute you can become rich, because that is when the theft process can run as expected, as in this one game.

It’s a very entertaining game filled with lots of action, and the inspiration for the game is drawn from the movies you’re used to seeing. The title pinned by 4The Player offers 5 reels and provides many 1024 ways to win. The graphics it has we think is the strongest side in terms of its release.

Here you will find a transparent scroll encased in a silver type frame, as well as a card icon with a bright color cast. Apart from that, for the background, the image features a city that will give you the impression of Miami and the police and street robbers.

Game 60 Second Heist will give you an unforgettable impression because you will be accompanied by a fun retro music vibe. We will discuss more in the next review, starting from symbols, pay tables, bonus rounds and multipliers, and much more.

Detail Information of 60-Second Heist Slots

  • Game Name: 60 Second Heist
  • Rolls: 5
  • Payment Line: 1024
  • RTP: 96.5%
  • Volatility: High
  • Maximum Win: 60,000x

RTP & 60 Second Heist Slot Volatility

Slot game 60 Second Heist is 96.5%, so here you will also get the opportunity to get the ideal results as expected. Then if you look at the volatility side, this game has moderate volatility.

Tips for Playing the 60-Second Heist Slot

Next, have you found a large blue circle consisting of 4 arrows? Know that it is one of the spin buttons that the 60 Second Heist has. This means that every time you click there, it will activate 5 reels and 4 rows.

Then also by clicking on the “-” and “+” signs, you and other players will be able to change the total bet. The value will be displayed at the bottom of the fifth roll. For total bets, the lowest is €0.2, and the highest is at €20 a spin.

You will also find the bonus bet button in this 60-Second Heist in the bonus features section. There is also an auto-rotate sign which is a play icon that has 4 small pointers on its left side. The interesting thing is that you can activate the automatic spin an unlimited number of times.

Now, to be able to access the main menu, please click on the three lines provided. This is a window where you will see and find the payout list, then the rules of the game, the sound control, and many other options.

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60 Second Heist Slot Symbols & Payouts

It’s also important to note here that there are only a few slot games whose pay tables contain 12 basic symbols, and 60 Second Heist is one of them. Very interesting isn’t it? Then the first 8 pay specifically for 2 to 4 identical symbols on adjacent reels.

While the other 4 will pay at one to 4 identical icons, spread on consecutive reels. You can understand well the points below for more detail:

  • First, you have 5 card values ​​in retro style (10-JQKA). Well, winning a combo of the right value can give you a prize of 0.25 to 1.25x your bet.
  • Then paper money will assist you so that you can get a bonus prize of 0.5 to 1.5 times the bet.
  • The same special prize is provided for a winning pattern in the form of gold bars.
  • A diamond-type pocket will yield 0.75 to 2x of the total bet.
  • 1 to 4 Piggy Masked Robbers will reap a bonus prize of 0.25 to 2.5 times the bet value.
  • Furthermore, the same will apply to Gangsters with medals marked with Dollars.

Not only like the points above, this 60 Second Heist has a tempting Monkey Masked Robber and Driver with wins of 0.5 to 3x the bet. The masked icon will only appear during the bonus round. You shouldn’t expect real money prizes from icons that are Wild and Scatter.

Bonus Features in the 60-Second Heist Slot Game

Thanks to the bonus features offered in this 60 Second Heist, everything will run more interestingly and quickly. For example, here 2 wild icons are beautiful blondes with cocktails held in their hands by FBI agents. The last part will only come out during the bonus round. They count as regular symbol shapes that are missing in them.

Pressing 3 Scatters on the reels will activate the bonus round. Here you can hit Scatters on the first, second, and fifth reels. The combo will later give 60 seconds of spin in the 60 Second Heist. Most interesting is when the light moves around the matrix on the lapper board.

This is because every time the full round is completed, it will immediately increase the win multiplier one by one. Later the lights will also run faster when the multiplier reaches the highest level win.

Please use the bonus bet button to the maximum to increase the chances of winning, and you can activate the game bonus or also directly stimulate the bonus.

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How much RTP does the 60 Second Heist slot game offer?

The RTP it offers is 96.50%.

Can I play the 60-Second Heist slot for free without any risk?

Of course, you can preview the demo of the game for free. Later you will have to verify your age first to ensure eligibility.

What is the biggest win in the 60 Second Heist slot game?

The biggest wins can be up to 60,000x your bet on the bonus round. Then for 4096x the bet is the maximum win in the single-round base game.

Can I get real money in the 60 Second Heist slot game?

Yes, because an account registered with a trusted online casino site is the only best choice for you to be able to pocket real money prizes.


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