88 Fortunes slot game online – review

88 Fortunes

The 88 Fortunes slot game has managed to become one of the most popular slots and has many fans. Do you all really want a progressive jackpot type? For those of you who want it, now there is the fortunes slot game which is specifically designed for you and all fans of online slot gambling. 

Many also say that this is a pure start for online casino slot players in the Asian region. This game offers a classic Asian type of gambling slot theme. What’s more, the theme it offers is an ancient China theme. 

Then you also need to know that this 88 Fortunes slot game follows a lot of innovation and modern methods. This means that it is very useful for winning formats and also showing each of its bonus rounds. Well, the overall bonus that will be displayed is 10 and will be driven without stopping. 

Interestingly, this one slot game offers a very unique and interesting game name. What this means is that the game comes from a bet where the maximum is 8.80.

Of course, wherever it is credit and 880 points are dominated by cents. Now you can play this 88 Fortunes online slot game with a minimal or low bet value.

Getting to Know the Most Popular 88 Fortunes Slot Games

As we have explained regarding the popularity of the 88 Fortunes online slot game, players can have even more opportunities to get the grand jackpot. The players will be able to get the grand jackpot at a much larger bet. 

The method is very easy and not as difficult as imagined because all you need is to play the slot machine 1 or 4 times. After that, it will be taken directly to the bonus round rather than the winnings. We highly recommend this 88 Fortunes slot game for you to play immediately because it is very profitable and has a tempting bonus. 

By playing this one game, you can get a significant additional income. Do not let you ignore this one potential game, because besides being easy, it certainly provides benefits.

Attractive Themes & Features of the 88 Fortunes Slot

Many have been waiting for this one game, especially the theme it presents from the Chinese concept, which was originally intended for the Asian market only. Many symbols in it, as if everything can’t be separated from the use of symbols. Then also this 88 Fortunes slot game is coated with dark red and striking gold colors. 

Not only that but this game is also equipped with a list of paper whose style is very oriental from the winning table features. Coupled with the musical effects of a unique blend of songs that are very melodious and really impressive. 

We make sure you and all the players will get a satisfying comfort. For those of you who are curious and want to try this one game, then please visit the best and most trusted online slot gambling site in Asia. 

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Gameplay & Graphics 88 Fortunes Slot

With 3 rows and 5 reels, this 88 Fortunes slot is mostly the same as other 5 reel types of online slots. However, of course, there is a slight difference. This means that in the 243 settings, the standard way to play wins with symbols that appear from left to right is very familiar. 

The feature used by this 88 Fortunes slot game is called All Up. The more credits at stake, the more gold symbols will appear in the game. This will obviously maximize the chances of winning for you to be able to bring home the biggest jackpot prize. 

In terms of design, it is also very elegant and attractive between gold and red. All players will find delicious gold coins, then gold statues. There is even a Chinese symbol FU Bat which means luck serves as a form of the wild symbol. For coins ranging from 0.01 to 1.00 that are in the game and the stakes increase by an additional 8. So it can be said that the maximum bet is 88.00 per spin.


This 88 Fortunes slot has an RTP of 96% with volatility which is still a mystery to this day. Please play consistently without expecting much in return. There are also some very large prizes of fantastic value, namely 4400x the bet denomination that will be given by the Scatter symbol. For that immediately play with full preparation and feel the excitement in it.

How to Play the 88 Fortunes Slot Game

  1. Place bets from $0.8 to $88 a spin.
  2. Click the play button if you feel benefited.
  3. Later the reels of the winners will be highlighted, and hopefully for the wild process.
  4. Value the bet money, change the bet value, and after that click spin again.
  5. The lucky players can pocket the jackpot prize.

Slot 88 Fortunes & Luck Jackpot Bonus

Winning is certainly a basic desire for all players and all of that you can easily and truly realize if you really understand the game well. Please look for the Fu Bat Wild symbol that can replace any symbol to be able to create a winning pay line. 

However, they will appear on the second, third, and fourth reels. When Fu Bat Wild appears, you are also entitled to win the progressive jackpot. All of this is determined by how many gold symbols you have played at that time.

This is also where all the All Up formats will go. The more coins that can be won, the more real money prizes can be obtained. For example here for one additional gold coin that costs 8 credits, but 5 gold symbols will allow you to return 88 credits. 

There are 4 progressive goals that you must achieve in this 88 Fortunes slot game, namely Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand. The players will have 12 coins that appear and must be selected. So from that, please match the three icons on the grid, and you will be able to get the progressive jackpot you want.

But be careful with the existing Gong Scatters. If later you manage to land three, four, or even five adjacent reels, then you will indirectly activate the bonus game with 10 free spins. Only the high limit symbol will appear. 

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For some tips and strategies in this 88 Fortunes slot game as follows:

  1. Buy a gold symbol to be able to open more jackpot-winning opportunities.
  2. The goal is for 3 Gong Scatters to trigger the bonus game.
  3. Fu Bat Wild can replace other symbols to allow you to win.

Once again, you can play this 88 Fortunes slot game on all devices, whether it’s Smartphone or Desktop. You can also download it via the Play Store or App Store on each device. Whenever you want to win, then everything is wide open. The most important thing is that you have the capital and readiness to place bets on it.


Where can I play 88 Fortunes slots?

You can find many of these 88 Fortunes games in the casino. The demo version of this game will give you a lot of insight.

What are the best and most trusted types of 88 Fortunes casinos?

There are lots of places you can choose from when you try the demo version of the 88 Fortunes slot. However, there are only a few of the best casinos that can play for real money.

How much for 88 Fortunes rate?

The rate of return is 96% to the players. 

Can 88 Fortunes bring in its special bonus rounds?

For the bonus section and special features of 88 Fortunes, this will provide a complete list of prizes and ways to get them. When you play with real money, you can win free spins, and progressive jackpots, up to £500.

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