Ali Baba Slot Online 2022 – review game

Ali Baba

Feel the Real Deal with Ali Baba Slot Gaming Experience

You might already be familiar with Ali Baba who is a popular fictional figure from the Middle East. He was considered an extremely lucky person acquiring huge fortunes by chance or by luck according to the famous folk tale.

The story ‘Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves’ was taken from the Arabian Knights Tales and has been transformed over the years to be featured in both animations and movies. This is allegedly where the magic words “open sesame” was first popularized and which was presumably uttered by the main character himself.

Well, they have finally made it an inspiration for slot game fans to mimic what Ali Baba has achieved during his quest to find treasures in the Arabian deserts. 

You too can take part in this marvelous journey as Ali Baba slot online lets you experience the glamorous side of Arabia giving you as many ways to win as possible.

Game development of Ali Baba slot

Renowned slot game developer Leander Games developed the Ali Baba slot in 2008. This game takes place on a backdrop that features a desert setting as you will face a cave with a closed door wherein Ali Baba will utter the magical words to open it.

The symbols used in the game were created in an animated cartoon genre which has given Ali Baba slot online an element of humor. You can also see that the game has other symbols relevant to the theme including a camel, a crooked dagger, a golden beetle, and a snake emerging from a basket. Then, you can see Ali Baba with the belly dancer and 1 of the forty thieves.

Ali Baba (1)

Ali Baba slot gameplay feature

Ali Baba slot Philippines operates in 5 reels and with a maximum of 20 win paylines. The symbols you can find within the game can be seen in the reels wherein you can play any number from 1 to 20.

According to some Ali Baba slot reviews, winning can be achieved when you land consecutive symbols from left to right which begin from the leftmost reel. However, you will only need 2 in a row for the top symbols, while others require 3.

The top paying symbol on the slot game is the Ali Baba character earning you 2,500x your coin amount when you land 5 in a row. On the other hand, you will get paid 800x for the thief, while the order of pay for the other symbols are the monkey, camel, snake, beetle, ring, dagger, flute, and drum.

Ali Baba slot online also has an auto play button option to let you choose for the slot to play by itself for up to 100 spins. It also has a mute button if you think that the medieval soundtrack has become too much for you to bear.

You will also notice within the game that the belly dancer is considered the wild symbol. This is when she will appear and will expand to take up the whole reel obviously leading to some added wins.

On the other hand, the scatter symbols in Ali Baba slot online are also present in the game. The treasure chest is one of them which pays cash if you land 3, 4, or 5 symbols. The others will also lead to some features such as the bonus round or the free spins.

  • Free spins bonus round

The cave background is where you start off in the free spins bonus round as you select the level of adventure you would like to experience. Then a number of chests in the Ali Baba slot will be available for you to choose wherein each 1 gives you a multiplier and extra spins to fill a meter.

  • Gold or bandit round

When you select a vase you will be awarded protection randomly by Ali Baba himself with 1, 2, or 3 times in the gold or bandit round. So, whenever you find a vase with cash, it is all yours, but 1 containing a monkey will display the thief.

Having protection from Ali Baba will fend off the thief but if you run out of protection then you will not be able to claim the prize. 

The round will be over after you have selected your sixth vase while the total winnings from that round will be summed up.

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Anyone with a fixation for Arabian-themed slot games will never be disappointed when you play the Ali Baba slot online. Basically, it has standard gameplay but as you play the Ali Baba slot, you will really enjoy the features which are not available in other games.

You will notice this feature in the free spins round wherein you will be asked to choose the risk level you are going to take. However, Ali Baba online reviews tell you not to be so greedy that you will regret it in the end.

If you like to enjoy a fun but opt for a low variance slot game, then Ali Baba slot online is recommended for you. Moreover, you can play it on most Android or iOS devices aside from the desktop version.

You can also play it in top online casinos like K9Win or FAFA855 if you are not able to find it on your favorite site when in the Philippines. You can also read some casino reviews Philippines to know more if Ali Baba slot Philippines is allowed by law in the region.

Moreover, you can consult the best casino online reviews for updated information about the latest trend in online casinos with Ali Baba slot reviews. This is just one of the slot games that provide big bonuses if you know how to play it to your own advantage.

So, why not try Ali Baba for free today and feel the difference in terms of features and bonuses. After all, you can play Ali Baba slot Philippines through its free version option so you have nothing to lose.

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