Alice Run Slot Online 2022 – review

Alice Run Slot

Alice Run is an online slot game made by Pariplay, and this slot has 5 reels that seem very volatile based on the theme of Hybrid Alice in Wonderland and Steampunk. The RTP or rate of return to the players is 96.23%.

They also have at least 50 bets along with special features consisting of free spins, respins, and bonus games. It’s interesting now that most players are so familiar with Alice in Wonderland, along with a very extraordinary cast of characters to go on an adventure with. Now you can spend more time with them by playing the Alice Riches game in one of their demo slots.

Not only that, the Alice Run slot was made by reliable designers to produce Steampunk Hybrids or futuristic Alices that are so enjoyable. This means that it is possible to make slots that are more interesting and much fresher than before.

The innovation it brings is through a more sensitive blend with standard features, such as the 5 x 3 grid and 50 bet ways.

Graphics & Soundtrack Alice Run Slot The Alice Run

Slot games can’t be doubted from a visual perspective, because we believe you and all the players will get satisfaction and a different playing experience than usual. The 5×3 lattice scrolls in a very shiny bronze pipe edge, while the Cheshire cat sits contentedly beside it.

Judging from the main symbol, this Alice Run slot is very fun for you to play. This is a Steampunk version of Alice with the white rabbit on her watch. Then there’s also the big caterpillar, the mouse, and the blue potion. The spade icon is purple, the club is green, the heart is red, and the diamond is blue. Everything is so detailed with tiny gears displayed as symbols for a much lower payout.

Its special features are the wild, free-smiling Cheshire cat along with bonus steampunk glasses and the tantalizing scatter queen. The sound effects and soundtrack in the background are lively and less repetitive. However, the effects in this game may become obsolete after a while. Things like this are of course not much different from most other slots, and you can activate or deactivate the sound effects.

Alice Run Slot (1)

RTP Alice Run Slot

As we explained in a previous review, this Alice Run slot has an RTP or rate of return to its players of 96.23%. Some say that it fell to 94, 06%. Apart from all that, of course, it is quite rational to check on the platform of choice before playing the game to be maximal and confident. It should also be underlined that the level of variance is very high.

Here’s How to Play the Alice Run Slot

Next, the controls for this Alice Run slot game are on both sides of the reels. For more details, please pay attention to the following 3 points below regarding how to play it:

  1. First, please look on the left side to get skinny on the pay line, the prize payment table, and the sound button along with the speed of the game.
  2. The big circle on the right side of the reels is the Spin button, so this will display your game bet while in it.
  3. Finally, please use the plus and minus buttons around the Spin circle. The goal is to be able to decide the size rather than the value you put in it.

Alice Run Slot Bonus Features

  • Free

For the most fun, this bonus will be triggered by 3+ queen Scatters on any position. The three queens that give you 8 free spins will go up to 12 for 4 queens and 15 free spins at 5 queens. Now, during this bonus round, please spin reel 3 to be more ideal, because it will only show scatter.

Free spins can be triggered, and Epic Rewards bonuses are also possible. This means that the bonus can easily change into something ideal or epic.

  • Wild

Cheshire Cat is your wild symbol, so it can easily replace other non-bonus symbols to help increase your maximum winnings.

  • Epic Bonus

For you to activate this special bonus, 6+ hat images must be required here. There are some rules that you should know, and most importantly they should appear in the base game as well as in similar rounds. To make it easier, the land that is in any position on the reel, and make sure it is always sticky when you play this one feature.

The last bonus is when you will completely run out of respin and a grid full of hat images. It is at this point that there will be hefty prize bonuses, as the top final result will pay out an extra multiplier with a super prize based on the number of symbols grouped.

Alice Run Slot (2)

Super & Best Prizes in Alice Run Slots

Who would have thought that this best Alice Run slot game has an attractive bonus which has 10 possibilities regarding the combination of multiplier prizes and access to the super prize levels? Below is a quick look at what’s on the table and below based on the number of hats you’ve collected. Here’s the full explanation:

  • The 5×3 section will pay out a multiplier of 100x – 750x, and the chances of getting the super prize are huge.
  • The 5×4 section will pay out a 50x – 250x multiplier, and the super prize odds consist of a minor and a major.
  • The 3×2 section will pay out a 6x – 20x multiplier, and the super prize pot is minor or major.
  • Set up a 1×3, 2x, or 1×1 formation to pay out a 5x, 3x, or 1x multiplier. It’s just that there are no super gifts available.

The Alice Run slot is here to offer a very unique theme, varied bonuses, high-quality graphics, and many new things that can make you satisfied while playing. Get all the super prize bonuses, because this is one of the best opportunities for you to have a different playing experience than before.


How much RTP does the Alice Run slot have?

His RTP or rate of return is around 94.06%.

What is the greatest form of victory that Alice Run has?

The possibility for the biggest and highest win is at 1500 x your bet.

Does the Alice Run slot have bonus spins and free spins?

Yes of course, the bonus round is between 6 and 15 which is up for grabs.

How high is the fluctuation rate of the Alice Run slot?

It’s huge, of course, and it’s a very volatile slot.

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