All-Star Fishing Slots Online 2022 – review game

All-Star Fishing

Collect Huge Ocean Riches with All-Star Fishing Slots

All-Star Fishing slot online is one of the famous slot games developed by JILI. It offers simple gameplay but it is fun for those who weigh more on the winnings instead of the graphics display.

Basically, you have to shoot at the targets to get paid. The small fish pays the least, while the bigger ones pay higher in accordance with the payout table. However, you have to spend more shots in order to hit the bigger targets.

If you love to make money with online casinos, you can try the All-Star Fishing slot for free. This will enable you to play the game with the demo version without risking real money in the process. 

Moreover, you can really earn big if you know how to apply strategies in the All-Star Fishing slot online

Basic All-Star Fishing Gameplay

The game allows the players to wield different types of special weapons, which include jellyfish cannons that can paralyze fish, defeat the king of the ocean and get the big win. 

Moreover, there are some mini-games like the Ocean King interaction, slot machines, and roulette, among other stuff.

  • Game modes
    • Tutorial mode

You can either pick the tutorial mode or one that involves real money. In tutorial mode, you will be allowed to play for free. So, you can play All-Star Fishing for free without real money involved. Try the demo version today by easily visiting an online casino of your choice.

    • Play for real

The good thing about playing All-Star Fishing slots is that you can do it in tutorial mode which will be a risk-free option. But if you like the challenge of using real money, then you can go play the All-Star Fishing slot online any time you want.

However, it is also important that you know how to pick a reliable site hosting slot games like All-Star Fishing slot in accordance with betting regulations in the Philippines.

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  • Select a room
    • Newbie room – The Newbie room is suggested for newbies and accepts bets between 0.1 and 10.
    • Regal room – The Regal room offers high rewards with your bets between 1 and 100.
    • Happy room – The Happy Room is the most popular room with your bets between 0.1 and 50.
  • Special weapon
    • Shark Bite – This option requires you to pay 4x your bet to use the Shark Bite. The attacks from Shark Bite will increase the odds of catching a fish. The rewards in this option are calculated through a regular multiplier.
    • Jellyfish Cannon – The Jellyfish Cannon is one that will give you an opportunity to paralyze the targeted fish. You need to pay 6x your bet to use this option.
    • Eagle claw hook – This option needs you to pay 15x your bet to use the Eagle claw hook. Apart from that it will give you an opportunity to trigger a capturing event. Moreover, a random bonus between 99x and 999x will be paid to you when you capture a fish using this option.
  • Special sea king
    • Crystal crab and jewel turtle – You can trigger a slot machine gameplay when you capture a crystal crab or jewel turtle. The corresponding bonus when you get a multiplier will be given to you immediately. Only the numbers 1, 3, and 8 are available for prizes up to 888x.
    • Giant octopus – A special bonus wheel event can be triggered when you attack a Giant Octopus. A maximum bonus amount of 600x will be given after spinning the bonus wheel.
    • Phoenix – You will get a basic multiplier reward when you shoot the Phoenix. This will also give you a chance to enter a special mini-game called Awaken the Phoenix. You will get a maximum of 800x as you tap your screen to get higher rewards.
    • Giant crocodile – You will get a basic multiplier reward when you shoot the Giant Crocodile. This will also give you the opportunity for a special mini-game called Enrage the Crocodile. Upon entering the special mini-game, you must tap the screen rapidly to fill the rage meter up. A maximum bonus of 1000x will be given by successfully filling the meter up.
    • Naga – The Naga will provide basic multiplier rewards and the opportunity to enter the mini-game. You can pick one of two Electric Orbs during this special mini-game. A full map electric attack will give you a bonus of up to 1200x. The mini-game will offer 2 chances to attack using the electric orbs.
    • Free thunderbolt – Energy is accumulated when you shoot. So, when your energy is full, you can summon the Thunderbolt by clicking the button and causing a large-range attack. The energy bar will be cleared after 24 hours of being disconnected from the game or when the discharge is completed.

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All-Star Fishing slots online provide neat gameplay for fans of sea creatures with tons of bonuses to choose from. Moreover, it offers a cool way to try out the game through All-Star Fishing for free.

Overall, there are so many fish species for you to choose and shoot in All-Star Fishing slots. The Ocean King feature also provides random payouts of up to a maximum of 1200x, which will surely be an attraction for both novice players and experienced high rollers.

You can also take advantage of the excellent graphics that players can look forward to in a slot game. At the same time, All-Star Fishing slots are optimized to work with the latest Android and iOS devices.

So, you can either play the game through the desktop or through your favorite mobile device anywhere and anytime you want.

Start Playing Now  

Visit trusted sites like K9Win or FAFA855 if you are looking for online casino games to suit your preferences. There are also various casino reviews Philippines that can help provide more information about casino slots in the Philippines.

All-Star Fishing Slot online provides good options for you to earn big. So, feel free to sign up and register so that you can start playing the game today.

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