Badminton Betting

badminton betting

Badminton is a racquet game that dates back centuries ago. The game originated in Siam, China, and it was introduced in England in 1870, and brought to Canada and America. Since then, the sport grew increasingly popular and became an Olympic event.

This intense sport can be played in singles or doubles and is popular in many countries. The objective of the game is to hit the shuttlecock over the badminton net and have it land on the opponent’s designated court. 

Keeping the shuttlecock airborne and not letting it hit your court area makes it more fun and exciting. Whichever team gets two (2) sets of 21 points wins the game.

Despite the sport being withdrawn from the Olympics, there are still a lot who find interest in the sport. Badminton events and tournaments are held in different locations each year. Badminton betting is commonplace on various sports betting websites and in our recommended best casino online in Philippines.

Types of Badminton Betting

Knowing the different types of badminton betting markets will help you understand which one to choose and take advantage of. Find below the most common betting markets offered in the best online casino in Philippines.

Straight Bets

A straight bet is like Moneyline bet in NBA sports betting. This is the most popular and the easiest kind of bet. This does not need any badminton betting tips as you only need to wager on the player that you think will win.

After placing your bet, you only need to watch and enjoy the game, then win. Regardless of the winning margin, if the player you wagered on wins, your bet will make a profit.

Set Bets

Set betting allows you to bet on specific sets instead of the whole match. You can bet on the number of point difference a set will be, which player will win in a specific set, or you can bet on specific over/under points. Set betting is just like any set betting offered in other sports betting events or when you bet on Bwin NBA.

Spread Bets

Spread betting during badminton betting finals is straightforward because you only need to bet on the number of points a player can win or lose. This means you can wager on a player on either a winning player by certain points or a losing player by certain points.

For example, if you choose player A and the spread is set at 2.5 in favor of player A, then player A would need to score more than 2.5 points for a bet to win. Or if the spread is set at 2.5 and player A is the underdog, player A should lose two points or less for your bet on player A to win.

Handicap Bets

Handicap betting can be set handicap or point handicap. This means that when you to bet365 badminton and have fun while hoping to win real money, you just need to wager on the player who will win the match with the indicated handicap set or who will win more points in a specified set after indicated handicap is applied.

Handicap in badminton is fixed at 1.5 because a badminton match only has two outcomes; 2-0 or 2-1. 1.5 is fixed both to the underdog and the favorite. 

If you root for a player with a -1.5 handicap, the player must win 2-0 for your bet to win. On the other hand, if you back the underdog with a +1.5 handicap and loses the match, your bet can still make a profit if the player has won a set.


Correct Score

This betting market works by simply betting on the possible winning score. As mentioned, there are only winning scores in badminton: 2-0 and 2-1, so wager on the score you think will be the outcome of the match. Another way correct score betting works is by betting the total score in a game or a match.

Total Points Bets

Total points betting is the same as over/under betting in most liked sportsbooks such as K9win and Fafa855. You only need to predict whether the actual score or total score will go over or under the points set by badminton betting sites.

First Match Bet

The first match bet is a rare market, particularly if for less status tournaments. But first match bet is popular in big badminton tournaments like Thomas cup betting.

Future Bets

Badminton future bets are similar to future bets in other sports you engage in casino online Philippines. You can bet which player will advance in the championship match, and such. From the name itself, you bet on something in advance.

Knowing the different types of badminton betting markets before you start working on how to sign up casino online Philippines will help you choose the best that suits your skills and knowledge about the game.

Badminton Betting Odds

On top of knowing the different badminton betting markets, it is also crucial to learn badminton betting odds. Betting odds are a great opportunity to decide wisely on where to place your hard-earned money.

Badminton betting odds the same as basketball betting odds will determine the money you can win if your predictions are correct. Making comparisons on betting odds will also aid in choosing a bookmaker that has the highest odds.

Live betting odds also allow you to find bookmakers like Fafa191, Fafa212, or Fafa117 with the most competitive offers while watching the game before making a final decision on where to place your money. And since you have the opportunity to watch and get live updates, you are very likely to make accurate decisions or predictions when betting in badminton matches and tournaments.

What To Remember When Betting On Badminton

badminton betting in philippines

As with any sports betting you have engaged in before, the key to a production badminton betting experience is research. Do as much research and data gathering as you can before you place your bet.

Badminton online betting can be more exciting and lucrative if you are armed with badminton betting tips before you sign up for an account for casino online Philippines.

  1.   For beginners, it is highly recommended to start with common bets like a straight bet or over/under bets. Such bets do not have special skills or expertise but more on pure luck. Once you will get used to badminton betting, you can consider other types of betting markets.
  2.   Apart from learning how to sign up casino online Philippines, how to add credits, and how to request for payouts, it is recommended to take time to review casinos that you are interested in. 

An in-depth casino review will provide insights into choosing the best online platforms. In addition, the detailed information exposed from reviews will give you useful strategies and badminton betting tips to help you make a profit or should you increase your betting capital.

  1.   Go for a bookmaker or a platform with a rich selection of games and sports events from top providers. In today’s technologically advanced world, the Internet is saturated with gaming platforms making it difficult to discern which sportsbook is trusted and reliable.
  2.   Always read the terms and conditions that come with badminton betting. Know your responsibilities beforehand to set proper expectations and avoid disappointments. In addition, understand the tournament rules to predict possible situations that some bookmakers are unable to foresee.
  3.   Take time to check the news and social media networks for updates on players. Take advantage of social networks as information sources like relationship or family status, injuries, and other factors that might disrupt the player’s athletic performance. 

While almost all are interested in celebrity news, online and social media networks are good sources of updates that can positively or negatively impact a sportsman’s level of performance.

  1.   Then, think of the tournament location. Travel time, time zone, weather, and other factors can impact the player’s ability to play. By changing time zone and the exhaustion due to traveling, the player may have a hard time acclimatizing and may not be able to deliver their best at the tournament.

Humidity, temperature, and altitude are also factors that affect the speed of the shuttlecock. With high humidity and high temperature, the shuttlecock travels faster impacting a slower-paced player. Do not overlook these factors for a more lucrative badminton betting experience.

  1.   The earlier you bet the better. Betting early is the easiest way to find good badminton betting odds

If possible, you may want to set up different accounts at various bookmakers: K9win, Fafa855, Fafa191, Fafa212, and Fafa117 to name a few for odds comparison. There may be only a bit of difference but this can be substantial.

  1.   Review the badminton betting markets and betting odds posted by bookmakers before placing your bet.

Badminton betting is fun and exciting. But before laying down your badminton wagers, it is imperative to go for bookmakers with competitive badminton betting odds, multiple markets, numerous benefits, and enticing bonuses and offers.

Reading a detailed casino review and following badminton betting tips are great ways to enjoy every badminton match you engage in while at the same time increasing the chance of winning your bet.

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