Bingo all the way: Play Bingo Online in the Top Casinos in the Philippines

online bingo in philippines

Bingo is a game that everybody can play. It is a staple in gatherings simply because a player is playing his odds against his friend or family and adrenaline pumps that positive competitive feeling that enlivens any occasion. Perhaps one of the reasons why Bingo is so popular in the Philippines is because it fosters and preserves the sense of community, which is fundamental in Philippine society. 

Due to its popularity, Bingo in the Philippines is available through different modalities. Players can play live Bingo is licensed and regulated Bingo outlets, most commonly found in malls. Bingo apps on mobile also allow players to play non-stop for as long as they are connected to the internet. Mobile Bingo is also available for some online casinos that have games that are compatible on mobile

Most online casinos ensure they have Bingo online in their arsenal to rope in players who can’t pass a classic. 

What makes Bingo a classic hit? 

Outbest other Players: 

The rules of Bingo are technically the same regardless of its modality. The rules are pretty straightforward. At the start of each game, the announcer will first reveal the pattern a player must form on their card/s. After, the balls will be drawn, and the player must mark their card/s accordingly. If they manage to create the pattern and out best other players, they must shout “Bingo!” to qualify for the total winnings for the round. Of course, this is the likely scenario in an on-site Bingo hub. 

Bingo online sticks to the core rules, and players must out-best their competitors, just the same, but there’s no need to shout “Bingo.” A computerized game master facilitates Bingo online. Like its offline version, the game master will show the pattern players must match to win. The digital announcer or AI will draw the balls, and the computer will mark your cards if there’s a match. 

In Bingo online, players are also given Bingo cards, but they don’t have to use a dabber to mark matching numbers. The computer automatically marks matches. Perhaps this is the most significant advantage of Bingo online because players don’t have to spend time looking across their cards to ensure they don’t miss any potential match. 

The particular round will end once a player successfully matches the pattern with the balls drawn by the announcer. It’s a winner-take-all type of game; however, in the event of multiple players winning, the pot will be divided among them. 


Built Around a Community: 

As mentioned at the start of this article, Bingo online is a local hit because the thrill of the game lies precisely in the relationship between and among players. The game gets more exciting when you know if a player is one match away from the jackpot or when you know that your cards are doing better than others. It is a sense of friendly competition that cultivates a great sense of community which is the cornerstone of the Filipino identity. 

This is why most online casinos offer Bingo online rooms where games are simulated like the offline version by allowing players to interact with each other. This way, games are more like hobbies and pastimes, so much so that Bingo online does not feel like gambling. 

High Entertainment Value 

Bingo online is considered a segment with low return-to-player (RTP). Bettors commonly use this metric to gauge their potential losses, especially when they play for the long haul. Concurrently, it is a high house advantage. There is no precise RTP rate for Bingo online because this metric depends on the number of players and the number of cards each player plays, which varies all the time. Experts, however, estimate online Bingo online’s RTP at 70-80%.

Despite this grim statistic, Bingo’s popularity is anchored on its high entertainment value. Developments in technology have also benefitted Bingo online. The introduction and diffusion of 5G technology allow avid players to take their games anytime, anywhere. 

The game’s rules are pretty simple, and anybody can get the hang of the game after a few tries. And for some patrons of Bingo online, this game helps them get their minds off of things; it could be a momentary reprieve from stressful situations or can be an excuse to pass the time. 

There are also different games to choose from. The patterns to match make the game more thrilling! 

Traditional versus Modern Bingo Games: Take your Pick!


Much discussed in this article refer to the traditional Bingo games. But thanks to the broadening market, Bingo games are constantly evolving, and software companies are always at each other’s throats to make the classic never grow old. The multitudinous online Bingo games available today appeal to a wide range of audiences, both the young and the young-at-heart. 

Traditional Bingo Games 

Bingo Game  How to Play: 
30 Ball Bingo  The 30-ball Bingo is played on a 3×3 card with 9 numbers. This fast-paced game is played on a full house, meaning that all the numbers on the card must match the drawn balls to win. 
75 Ball Bingo  Perhaps the Filipino favorite, this game draws 75 balls in each round. Each ticket is a 5×5 square with the word BINGO spelled on top of the numbers grid. The middle square is left blank or tagged as “free,” which means it’s automatically counted if a pattern hits right across the center of the card. 

Forming patterns makes this Bingo game exciting. Before the start of each round, the announcer will reveal the pattern that each player should match on their card. The pattern can be all 5 digits across (on any row), four corners, diagonal, or “X,” etc. 

The game can also have a progressive jackpot. For instance, if no player or card manages to match the required pattern, the game master can escalate the game into a full house. This time, all the players must have all the numbers on their cards and out best other players to win the jackpot prize. 

80 Ball Bingo  Bingo tickets for this game are 4 x 4, and each column is colored differently. Like other Bingo games, a player must match the pattern required for the round, and the pattern differs after each round.  
90 Ball Bingo  This Bingo version is quite different in that players are given a ticket, sometimes called “strips.” Each ticket will have 3 rows, and in each row, a 5-number combination. 

Once the numbers are drawn, the game automatically marks the players’ tickets. A player must have all 5 numbers in a single row marked to win.

Top Modern  Bingo Online Games 

play bingo card

  • Bingo Roulette: Tombola is the original site that produced Bingo Roulette. More recently, another software company named Dragonfish, has created their game version. The game is played on a Roulette interface without departing from the core rules of Bingo. 

Bingo Roulette by Dragonfish gives players a 5-digit random number. The roulette wheel will then spin and draw the numbers. A player can win the jackpot prize once all his numbers match the balls drawn. 

  • Deal or No Deal Bingo 75: This particular famous game-to-Bingo adaption must make it on our top modern Bingo online’s list because you can hear Kris Aquino drop the iconic line “Deal or No Deal” in your head and that alone is enough to make any player want to try this game. Of course, the game master is no Kris Aquino, but the potential to win several hundred pounds is a great deal. 

Every time a ball is drawn, the prize-at-stake is revealed on the left screen in blue and red. The prizes in blue are the low-tier amounts you can win, while those in red are the higher-tier prizes. Like the TV show, you would want to reveal all the blue prizes, so the banker will not offer these amounts to you when the proper time comes. When a player wins full house, the banker will then make a call to give you an offer. Like the DOD game, the banker will likely trick you into giving in to his offer. It is up to the player to discern whether they will call “deal” or “no deal.” 

  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S Bingo: If you are a 90s kid, this Bingo online game is made just for you. This Bingo onlinegame is exciting because players get to choose their “characters.” It also has a so-called “Central Perk” jackpot that gives players a chance at bigger jackpot prizes. 

k9win-920x120 banner

Each player must choose which FRIENDS character they want to play. Each character has a set of numbers akin to a player having their own set of numbers on a bingo card. Every time a ball is called, it is matched according to the character to which the number on the ball is assigned. You can check which character is winning by toggling on the “leaderboard” tab. In case your character won, you will have to chance to split the “community jackpot” with other active players who also chose the same character. 

All active players also have a chance at winning the Central Perk jackpot. Upon joining the game, each player will have the same Central Perk bingo ticket. It is automatically activated at the end of each round. 

  • Game Show Bingo: Players always strive to win at the “Fantastic 51 Super Jackpot.” This Bingo online offers a progressive jackpot that surely attracts Bingo online enthusiasts. The progressive jackpot is activated when a full house is won within 40 balls. If players don’t manage to win by that time, they can still have a chance at the 51-ball jackpot. The fantastic pot is won when a player has all his numbers blacked out within 51 calls. The player has the potential to win up to 100 times the original price of their ticket. 
  • Nevada Bingo: Each player will receive 16 cards arranged in the 4 x4 grid in this game. Every time a dealer unfolds a card, a player matching card will automatically disappear, unmasking the background image. The real clincher to this game is the amount the player is entitled to win for every row of cards they manage to match with the dealer. 

The player can start by matching the first row to win the one-line prize. Matching another row will merit the two-line prize. The prize will again increase as the player manages to match another row of cards or 16 cards in total house. The player is entitled to the Nevada jackpot if they match all their cards within 33 balls. 

Game Key Features Software Developer
Bingo Roulette Bingo on a Roulette interface Dragonfish 
Deal or No Deal Bingo 75 A level-up to the classic Bingo 75 fused with the iconic Deal or No Deal game Playtech
F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Bingo  Bingo online game based on the popular TV show. All players have a chance at bigger jackpot through the Central Perk ticket  Entain
Game Show Bingo  Play within 51 balls and win up to 100x the price of your bingo online ticket  Jackpotjoy 
Nevada Bingo Fusion of card game and Bingo online on a 4 x 4 grid with progressive jackpot Tombola 

How to Play Online Bingo (Step by Step Guide) 

bingo online philippines

Regardless of which game you want to play, the mechanics on how to play Bingo online remains the same. 

B: Be sure to play safe: 

Make sure to only play at licensed online casinos. Filipinos aged 21 and above are allowed to gamble in offshore casinos which have been authorized to operate by their respective states. If you are unsure, check our list of trusted casinos that benefitted from a community of expert and user reviews to ensure that play within the bounds of the law. 

I: Input your details and deposit funds: 

Online casinos will ask you to register with your name, e-mail address and payment details. All trustworthy casinos have their sites encrypted so you can be assured that all your personal information will solely be used for the purposes of the platform and that your payment options are kept safe. 

After registering, deposit the amount that you are going to play with. 

N: Now choose your game, Play by the rules: 

Online casinos might have different Bingo online games on their platform, and choose one that best interests you. Different bingo online games, both traditional and modern adaptations play by different rules, and each online casino may have different wagering requirements so make sure to read the rules of the game. If you are not sure, don’t hesitate to reach out to the online casino’s customer service, for more guidance. 

G: Go! Play away and Enjoy! 

Once you have your funds in and your chosen Bingo online game up on your screen, you can now play to your heart’s content, or bankroll’s content. Don’t play more than what your bankroll can afford and keep in mind the RTP, and make sure to maximize the entertainment value of each game. This way, Bingo online can be very rewarding. 

O: Oh! Dont forget to leave your review. 

As mentioned, Bingo online and Bingo in general is built on the community. Your game reviews and honest appraisal of the online casino will help build that community. Your feedback will help software developers improve on their craft and at the same time, it will guide online casino houses on how to improve their services. 

Where to Play Online Bingo in the Philippines 

Online Casino Where to Play 


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