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Curious about Boom Legend? Know Everything Here

If you are familiar with JILI games, then you probably heard of Boom Legend. Or if you have been into online betting and gaming, you might have encountered Boom Legend slots. Are you curious about the game?

But like we always say, trying a new online casino game like Boom Legend slot online can be exciting. But before anything else, reading Boom Legend slot reviews is a must not only for novice players but also for those wanting to invest in this game.

If you are ready, let us see what makes Boom Legend slot Philippines special just like what these Boom Legend online reviews are talking about.

Boom Legend Information

Boom Legend slot online is somewhat similar to JILI games’ Crazy Hunter. The game was released last year, 2021, and is now one of the best choices among Asian online casino players.

The mechanics are simple with a grand maximum payout. The game is different from the usual online casino games because it has monsters that you need to shoot and kill to win prizes.

At first glance, it seems that there is not much going on with Boom Legend but we warned that once you start, the game can get you hooked.

But before you shoot the targets, do not forget to place your bet first. The higher the bet, the bigger the payout you can win.

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Boom Legend Gaming Interface

We give a lot of weight to the gaming interface in every game review that we do which is not usually in other Boom Legend online reviews. 

Just like the mobile applications installed on your phones, user interface in gaming is pivotal in helping players navigate; find information, change bets, change armory, and such to accomplish gaming goals including entertainment.

As for Boom Legend, every component, placement, text label, point or money counter, are clear and tell the visual story of the game.

Players can easily switch their weapon from hammer to axe or vice versa at the right bottom part of the screen. The same with + and – strategically located at the center bottom to increase or decrease the amount of bet. Meanwhile, the menu and rebates functionalities are at the opposite end of the screen.

Regardless if you are accessing the gaming website via a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone, the game is scalable. Moving the screen up or down, left to right can be a nuisance if you have to attack the monster enemies.

The level of responsiveness was also superb. Our team’s experience was fluid and compelling. Overall, the gaming interface for Boom Legend is simple and sleek. Even for a Boom Legend free demo play, the experience is still the same.

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Boom Legend Slot Philippines Characters and Weapons

  • Black Knight

The black knight can be defeated using the blade Aura

  • Medusa

Medusa is a monster character that will damage the monsters around her through her eyes. This happens after you, the player defeats her.

  • Goblin Bomber

Defeat the goblin bomber to trigger this character to drop the bomb, a weapon to distract and push back the monsters within the radius.

  • The Dreadfreaks

The Dreadfreaks are like zombies. Dead monsters reanimate into Deradfreaks, who need to be killed to gain amazing rewards (2x max odds)

  • The Mines

The mine is a destructive weapon to kill the monsters occupying a zone.

  • The Rocket Punch

Use and launch the rocket punch to penetrate and push back the monsters in its patch.

  • The Mystery Chest

The chest either has mines or the rocket punch that you can launch to defeat the monster enemies.

  • The Axe

The axe is a powerful weapon to attack targeted monsters. But using this will cost you or deduct 5x bet value.

  • The Hammer

The same with the axe, the hammer strikes at targeted monsters but with a twist. This weapon randomly strikes other monsters nearby the targeted monsters. With its double power, launching the hammer will deduct 15x of your bet value.

  • The Lightning Spear

If you are familiar with Crazy Hunter by JILI games, the lighting spear in Boom Legend slot Philippines works exactly like the Mayhem missile. The spear is activated once the energy bar is filled. Launching this special spear will inflict damage on the monsters and the large area at the center of the field.

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Boom Legend Bonuses

  • Golden Demons

The Golden Demons are your access to the gold and silver treasure chests. Kill a Golden Demon to get the silver treasure chest that will grant you an added 2x odds while the golden chest will allow you to get an additional reward of 6x odds.

  • Giant Octopus

Shoot a furious octopus for bigger and better price draws with a max multiplier as grand as 800x.

How to Play Boom Legend

The aim of the game is to shoot, kill, and defeat the monster enemies. The game is easy to learn since you simply have to aim and shoot the monsters. Receive various rewards, and bonuses, and multiply your winnings according to the value of the monster you have successfully slayed.

If you are ready to win some money through Boom Legend slot Philippines, you only need to find the best online casino with the best odds offer. Meet the legal requirements, register an account, read the terms and conditions, add credits to your account, and start betting.

It does not take a special skill, too when playing the Boom Legend slot online. Just aim at the enemies, shoot, and destroy the enemies to win generous rewards.

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Anyone who loves to shoot and kill ugly monsters can play Boom Legend. As we have expected, Boom Legend slots are enthralling because of the wonderful new adventures brought by the characters and weapons.

If you are ready to win prizes for a minimum bet while at the comfort of your home, work station, or just about anywhere at any time, take advantage of Boom Legend slot reviews such as this, and Boom Legend free to experience it first without risking your credits just yet.

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