Cash or Crash Online 2022 – review

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To be precise in the year 2021 Evolution released several new games such as Fan Tan and Bac Bo. However, the main and most popular online casino game this year is called Cash or Crash. The performance of this casino game is very innovative and full of lucky values ​​in it combined with player control.

As we explained earlier, Slot Cash or Crash is a live dealer game from Evolution that offers an RTP of 99.59% and is played in real-time for a 50,000x jackpot bet. Then this one game has a very maximum and large payout value. You can play it on all available devices, whether it’s a Desktop or Smartphone.

Cash or Crash Slot Details Information

  • · Supplier: Evolution
  • · RTP: 99.59%
  • · Volatility: Medium
  • · Game Type: Live Dealer
  • · Currency Value: 0.10 – 1000
  • · Minimum Bet: 0.10
  • · Maximum Bet: 1000
  • · Maximum Payout: 50,000x
  • · Wild: Yes
  • · Game Bonus: Yes
  • · Multiplier: Yes

Review Cash or Crash (Evolution Gaming)

Take to the skies to ride a unique balloon and get the chance to fly even higher! Cash or Crash is a new and innovative live casino game show that is easy to play. There is only one bet and the biggest potential win because this game has 20 moves and a ladder-style pay table.

The higher you climb, the bigger the payout. Well, for every green ball drawn and you climb the ladder one step to take it to a much higher level for bigger cash payouts.

If the red ball is drawn, then you will fall and also lose the win. But pull the gold ball and you get a shield that not only protects you from the next red ball, and it can increase the payouts on the table. For every green ball drawn, you can choose to continue or not, and take half or all of them.

Once again climb to the top of the payout ladder, and you can get a win of up to 18,000x – 50,000x when you receive the golden ball. The golden ball also triggers a bonus round, in which the decision is skipped or you’ll be protected from the crash itself.

Just sit back and watch more green balls being drawn and accelerated at the top position of the payout table. Cash or Crash will take you all to reach the top of tantalizing heights with fantastic wins.

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How to Play Cash or Crash

This Cash or Crash game is not just a live online casino game, because there are no blackjack tables or roulette positions. On the other hand, you will pass through the interface plus a friendly host who can take you all on a journey.

Thematically, the game Cash or Crash takes its inspiration from airplanes or flights in general. Therefore, the host of this one game will always be a flight attendant who always wears a full uniform.

This female bettor has about 10 to 12 seconds in the process of placing the bet. Then after that, the system controlled by this RNG will be activated, and then the game begins. You will be filled with challenging adrenaline.

Landing the green ball will be very helpful for you to be able to climb the 20-step ladder in Cash or Crash. On the other hand, the red ball blocks progress and ends the game for you. However, if you get a gold ball, then you will win a shield that protects you from the red ball. Apart from that, destroying the Shield will result in a much higher payout, as shown in the payout table below regarding the Cash or Crash game review.

  • Please keep the balance to keep it stable by keeping the bet.
  • Focus on landing gold balls to achieve crazy wild multipliers.
  • Wait until the game bonus can reach the Cash or Crash jackpot.

Here you can also start to place bets up front, and after that, the first ball will be drawn. There are a lot of green balls in this Cash or Crash game, and also some red balls, and only 1 gold ball. But here you only need the green ball to get the win. Here, please specify 3 options:

  1. Continue – This means that you are still in the game with 100% bets, and the winnings will wait for the next ball to be drawn.
  2. Take Half – This means that it is very possible to be able to cash out or cash out 50% of whatever has been collected for wins so far.
  3. Take Everything – This means that you cash out 100% of the winning value, and this will effectively end your spin.

Payment of Cash or Crash

Evolution itself has not released information regarding this Cash or Crash Live payment. However, we know that the multiplier ranges from at least 1.2x the stake to 12x on the base game. Apart from that, it’s possible to combine multiple multipliers before you finish the game session.

Well, the table limit starts at $0, 10 per spin, and will stop at $1.00. So from that, the most you can bet directly at once is $1,000. This point can be said to be the only drawback. It is undeniable that rich players are ready to spend even more on Cash or Crash.

It can be concluded that Cash or Crash is one of the newest, very thrilling online casino games with potential wins. This is a game that relies heavily on luck, but is also the most sophisticated game show ever and gives control to its players.

Get ready for more control over the game, and play Cash or Crash at the Evolution online casino right away.

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How much RTP do Cash or Crash games have?

The percentage of payments (RTP) it has is 99.59% which is very far above the average. This means that you need more maximal tricks and strategies to be able to get the return.

Is there any chance to win big in Cash or Crash?

Of course, here you can get a win of up to 50.00x the bet with the gold ball intact and also reach 18,000x the bet.

What is the optimal strategy for playing Cash or Crash Live?

The optimal strategy has not been revealed by Evolution itself, and we are not sure if the information will be released by them.

How big is the fluctuation of the Cash or Crash game?

The volatility of course depends on your chosen pattern and strategy for each round in the game.

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