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The online casino in Philppines boom paved the way for Filipino casino players to try their luck to take home valuable cash while playing their favorite casino games. The Internet is flooded with an array of casino games provider which makes the competition even more interesting.

Since the competition is stiff, the majority of these online casinos innovate ways to attract new players, expand their network base, and keep their loyal followers. Bonuses and enticing schemes are available, making the gaming experience even more interesting.

Who does not like bonuses? If you have been playing online casino games, you have definitely taken advantage of the welcome bonus and free spin bonus. These extravagant bonuses are purposely designed to motivate you and potentially convert you to become a regular player. But with so many bonuses presented on the bonus page, sometimes this can be overwhelming.

If you are a beginner and want to know the difference between one bonus to another, this bonus page will give you the basics and to get more out of your online casino experience.

Welcome Bonus

welcome bonus

A welcome bonus casino is commonly offered to new players which can be claimed after making their initial or first deposits. This scheme is to attract new players and potentially convert them into regular players.

Also known as the first deposit bonus, sign-up bonus, or new player’s bonus, the welcome bonus is basically what you will get to sign up for an account at an online casino. The welcome bonus allows new players to play a specific game for free or directly boost their money.

Generally, when a player meets the required initial deposit, the online casino would match that deposit up to 100% plus other incentives on a number of games.

Freespin bonus

is another type of welcome bonus usable for slot games. Free spins or extra spins require low wagering demands. But this can still be an added advantage if you are into video slot games.

Welcome bonuses can vary depending on the online casino that you have signed up for. This can range from 50% to 500%. However, you must read the terms and conditions beforehand to be aware of the stipulations to understand your rights and responsibilities.

No Deposit Bonus

As the name suggests, this type of bonus can be used to play online casino games without having to make a deposit. Filipino players can take advantage of this freebie to play certain games without having to invest their hard-earned money.

However, online casino players must understand that no deposit bonus comes with wagering requirements. The same with other casino promotions, players must meet the specified conditions like the wagering requirements to fully benefit from online casino games and promotions.

Wagering requirements refer to a type of condition where players are obliged to play and reach a specific number of times before winnings can be withdrawn. For example, if you get a $5 no deposit bonus with 10x wagering requirements, this means you have to deposit $50 to cash out the winnings you made with the bonus.

The no deposit bonus is just to kick start your online casino gaming. Sometimes this can be misleading as players are bound to make deposits at some point when they decide to play online casino games.

Deposit Bonus

deposit bonus

The deposit bonus works like a welcome bonus to entice new players to register in online casinos. After opening an online casino account, the player will get multiple of the deposit made. The initial money can be doubled, tripled, quadrupled, or quintupled.

Most online casinos that cater to Filipino players allow a 100% deposit bonus to be used on blackjack while a 200% or more deposit bonus is only limited to specific games. Depending on the online casino, this can be used on slot video games for example.

Freespin bonus

casino-bonuses Freespin

Free spin bonuses are offered to both new and existing online casino players. New players are granted a limited number of free spins that they can use to extend their playtime or win real money without spending their deposits. On the other hand, the freespin bonus is also given to existing online casino players as part of the casino’s promotion when introducing new slot games.

While the freespin bonus is common, online casinos have different terms and conditions. Most of the time, this freebie comes with higher wagering conditions plus a limited maximum cash out. Players can take advantage of the freespin bonus by reaching the maximum cash-out amount to withdraw winnings.

Refer Friend Bonus

Or referral bonus is a reward granted to existing online casino players for introducing friends as new customers. Refer friend bonus or refer a friend bonus, the same with other casino promotions comes with terms and conditions.

Usually, one can get the refer friend bonus if your referrals meet the minimum amount of spending. This means you can only get the bonus, reward, money, or commission once this is met. The reward is sometimes in a fixed amount like $10 per referral or a certain percentage of your referral’s deposit.

A referral bonus is an effective way to find new customers. It is also too good to ignore, so players who want extra money will spread the word to their network to introduce them to the platform. However, not all casinos are generous enough to offer refer friend bonus.

VIP Bonus

Online casinos show their love and appreciation to their high spending customers through generous perks and incentives. The VIP bonus or high rollers bonus is a means to recognize players who have made high deposits and those willing to make big deposits to keep on playing and remain active.

Given the amount of deposits made, high rollers are not easily impressed with mere $20 or $50 bonuses. That said, most online casinos offer tailor made VIP bonus schemes according to the player’s playing habits.

It could be access to all casino events where prizes are supplied by the casino. Or it can be a ticket to a series of poker events. But then again, promotions come with terms and responsibilities. The player may need to make a deposit of at least $500 to qualify for the VIP bonus. Thus, we always recommend checking the terms or requirements before making that impressive deposit.

Loyalty Bonus

A loyalty bonus is granted to long-time casino players. The loyalty program is given when players reach a certain milestone like achieving a specific number of deposits or while playing their favorite online casino games.

Loyalty rewards vary in size, form, and type and usually is dependent on the player’s playing habits. But the most common loyalty bonuses are loyalty points, level-up systems, and challenges.

Loyalty points are loyalty bonuses in the form of points that can be converted to cash. Level up systems are bonuses the players get when they reach a certain level when playing online casino games. Lastly, the challenge system is granted when players succeed in completing missions. Free spins, coins, and tokens are the common rewards for loyalty bonus schemes.


Many online casinos in the Philippines and those that cater to Filipino players offer reward multipliers to encourage players to try newly introduced slots. But unlike other casino promotions, multipliers are only available for a limited time.

Multipliers work by doubling or tripling your winnings. If you are lucky enough, some online casinos can multiply the money you won up to 100 times. If you want to extend your playing time and double your money, play a few slots the next time.

Why Casinos Offer Bonuses


Many online casinos use no deposit bonus, deposit bonus, freespin bonus, refer friend bonus, VIP bonus, welcome bonus, and other forms of bonuses as part of their promotion.

These giveaways, perks, rewards, and incentives are designed to attract new players while at the same time enticing existing players to stay active and keep on spending.

For one to get these bonuses, you are required to create and register an account, make a deposit, spend more time to keep on playing a variety of casino games and refer your friends to the platform.

Online casinos also lose money because of these rewards and bonuses. However, they must also take the risk because they understand that rewards are an essential part of their marketing and promotion. But online casinos minimize their losses by setting certain conditions that players must follow to qualify.

Requirements to Collect Casino Bonuses

As mentioned, there are a specific set of rules players must adhere to. Some casino bonuses are player friendly while some are so much in favor of online casinos. 

For example, you may only be able to use the tokens for certain games. And if you are not into these certain games, then these bonuses are not really of any use to you. If you are not into video slots, then free spins are not valuable to you.

Wagering requirements may be tricky, but these prevent players from making deposits, claiming deposits, and then immediately withdrawing winnings. If scenario often happens, there are no benefits online casinos can get from new players or even existing players.

Implementing wagering requirements before players can collect their bonuses is to ensure that these perks are only given to genuine and valued players. But some casinos do not impose wagering requirements (which is not the case.)

For the most part, you will have to wager the bonus you have won depending on the wagering requirements set. That is why you must read the terms and conditions before making a deposit. 

This is also necessary to be aware of the rules before you start claiming your bonuses. Normally, the bigger the deposit, the higher the wagering requirements are.

Welcome bonus, no deposit bonus, deposit bonus, freespin bonus, refer friend bonus, VIP bonus, and other rewards are helpful if you are a new player or venturing into a new online casino game.

Free spins, tokens, or points can make your casino gaming even more exciting with the added benefit of extending the playing time. These will also boost your chance of winning at your preferred casino game.

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Finding the Best Casino Bonus

This bonus page is mainly to help you understand how casino bonuses work. Now that you have an idea of the different types of casino perks and rewards, you can now start looking for casino games in the Philippines.

Start by looking for online casinos that offer various online casino games. Once you have found your favorite casino game and then look into their bonus page to find the rewards that suit your interest. But then again, always take the time to check the terms and conditions to make sure you can benefit from these casino bonuses for a more enjoyable and lucrative online casino gaming experience.

Terms and conditions are not posted on the bonus page for no reason. So, even if you say you do not want to spend time, doing so will save you from disappointment. Being aware of the rules and your responsibilities will set the proper expectation and know beforehand what you are agreeing to.

When playing online casinos, simply saying “you did not know it was there” will not work. Having all the necessary information will help you understand how these casino bonuses can affect your gaming experience and chances of winning.


Before you decide to play your choice of online casino games, make sure not to skip the terms and conditions. On top of the wagering requirements to be able to claim bonuses or winnings, sometimes, online casinos may cap your money. 

This means that an online casino may limit the maximum amount that you can withdraw. For example, you are only allowed to withdraw a certain percentage of your total money; $500 for your $1000. Now that is totally disappointing.

Always look for the casino bonus page to know the games that will give you more advantages to win. Or you should opt for bonuses that give you the chance to play your favorite casino games for that happy and satisfying casino gaming experience.

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