Why Everyone Should Check Out the Cleopatra Slot Games Online

Cleopatra Slot

The popularity of Cleopatra slot came when it was released in 2002 by International Game Technology PLC, a multinational gaming company that delivers entertaining and responsible gaming experiences for players across all channels.

The most recent version of Cleopatra slots online was released in 2017 and developed for Android and iOS devices with an enhanced game environment but the same historical settings of ancient Egypt with 100 slots having the theme of the gods of Egypt.

Perhaps Cleopatra slots online became a sensation because of the excellent graphics and soundtrack, along with the wide bonus program and a generous jackpot. Even the most experienced gamblers can’t help but admire this Egyptian-themed slot game.

How to play Cleopatra slot 

Beginners can play Cleopatra slots for free and then opt to play for real money. This makes it safer because you will not lose your own funds playing for free. At the same time, you don’t need to download additional programs.

Play for free

You can play the demo version first if you are afraid to risk since you can spend virtual coins to serve as cash. Moreover, you need not download any application since all you have to do is to choose the free slots option to get maximum pleasure without the risk of losing.

Play for real

Playing Cleopatra slot for real money is actually the same as the free version with the only exception of the bet. Here are things to keep in mind to be able to play and enjoy Cleopatra slots for the first time.

  1.   Play by choosing a number of paylines to use, such as 1, 5, 9, 15, or 20.
  2.   Then, select a line bet value ranging from 0.1 to 100.
  3.   Click or tap on the orange button in order to spin the reels. The right side of the spin button is a window displaying your wins with a window showing the current balance.
  4.   Then, click or tap the blue button and pick a number, such as 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 in order to turn on the autoplay. This is where the auto spin, loss limit, and single win stop are that you can choose.

Cleopatra Slot 2022

Quick tips to play the Cleopatra slot

It is important that you know how to play the Cleopatra slot before using real money. That is why you are given a chance to practice in the demo version of the game. Here are some quick tips to play the Cleopatra slot for real money.

  1.   Always ensure to come up with a budget that you are willing to spend and stick to it.
  2.   You may opt to consider placing larger bets if you have a bigger budget for the game.
  3.   However, you may also stick to the smaller bets if you have a smaller budget.
  4.   You will have better chances of winning if you consider betting on all 20 paylines in the game.

Where to play the Cleopatra slot

You can enjoy playing the Cleopatra slot from any desktop or mobile device according to your liking. Since it is optimized for mobile devices, you may be able to play it at your own convenience by downloading the app.

You may also play from your desktop by visiting online casinos like K9Win and FAFA855 in order to get access to the game whenever you want to.

Asian players may also visit popular online casinos to be able to play Cleopatra slots Philippines. Some online casinos may not be accessible in some countries, so you can try to visit affiliated websites to play instead.

Bonus features of the Cleopatra slot

  • Wild – The Wild is the Cleopatra logo itself which substitutes for all regular symbols. A couple or more Wilds will help you win and double your payout.
  • Scatter – The Scatter is represented by the Sphinx symbol. You will get paid if at least 3 Sphinx Symbols will land anywhere on the reels. The number of Scatters to appear on the reels will determine the number of Scatter awards you will get. For instance, you will get 2x your total bet with 2 Scatters, while 5x your total bet will be awarded with 3 Scatters. Four Scatters will earn you 20x your total bet, while 5 Scatters will get you 100x your total bet.
  • Free spins – The Cleopatra bonus feature can be triggered whenever 3 to 5 Scatters will land anywhere. This will give you 15 Free Spins that you can use for this round.

Cleopatra bonus 2022

Cleopatra slot payouts

  • Bet size

The number of paylines times the line bet value is the bet size. You can bet for as low as 0.1, which is possible by betting on just a single payline with a line bet of the same value. While the maximum bet size of the demo version reaches 40,000.00, the actual version can be a lot lesser when playing with real money.

  • Maximum payout

The paytable of Cleopatra slot has a maximum payout of 25,000,000.00, which is inclusive of the Free Spins payouts. The payouts from the individual spins during the Free Spins bonus round will be added together and paid out in the end.

  • Fixed paytable

The payout can be calculated by multiplying your line bet value by the appropriate number since the paytable is fixed. This means that if your total bet is 20 and your line bet value is 1, then you will win with 4 Eye of Horus symbols. So, your payout equals 50 x 1 = 50 that is 2.5x your total bet.


You can play Cleopatra slots Philippines (pycasino.com) from your mobile device as it perfectly works with Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. As for the mobile version of the game, it is a lot like the main desktop version. Apart from that, the game is designed to be quick and easy to play because of its mobile-friendly environment.

In addition, Cleopatra slots online also have an RTP of 95.02% which is just within the target. This is what an online slot is supposed to give back to the player over time per $100. 

Although Cleopatra slots do not have all the fancy special effects, it still proves to be an easy favorite for online bettors.

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