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Crazy Hunter

All About the Crazy Hunter Online Game

If you are crazy about JILI games and are on the hunt for the next game to try, Crazy Hunter has been making quite a buzz in the online slots category. If you noticed, several Crazy Hunter online reviews have been shared and this made us curious what the craziness is all about.

The global leader in online gaming is not all about just that. Launched in 2021, Crazy Hunter slot Philippines is a castle defense game where players need to destroy the enemy units to get rewards. Stacks of rewards can help the player make their way to the top and become the top ruler.

Defeat monsters and triumphed challenges as you move towards the top, blast the towers with cannonballs to win prizes, shoot the flying monsters to earn money, and complete the map to unlock the next level.

Crazy Hunter sounds like too much fun. And that’s not enough. Playing the Crazy Hunter slot online has special game mechanics to multipliers to grow your wealth. How? It is as easy as discovering treasure holds, dropping the ice dragons and pillars, and more.

Crazy Hunter Compatibility

Advanced technology made the availability of modern gadgets and devices capable of performing tasks online and offline. JILI games made sure that online gaming and gambling enthusiasts will find no problem with compatibility.

Crazy Hunter slots work well with Android-operated devices, MAC or IOS, and Windows. During the trial, we made sure that we tested the game on different compatible devices. 

We did not notice any changes in the graphics when we tried the Crazy Hunter slot online on a Windows and MAC PC.

Testing Crazy Hunter via web play was smooth. We did not experience any navigation issues when we tried the game on mobile. JILI games did a good job in making sure that Crazy Hunter slot Philippines works across different mobile devices, Internet browsers, and operating systems.

Those who are looking to play online casinos in the Philippines or Filipinos wanting to try Crazy Hunter slot Philippines can easily access and enjoy the game without hindrance. You only need to have a stable Internet connection and credits in your account to be able to play Crazy Hunter slots.

Crazy Hunter Slot

Crazy Hunter Game Features

  • The Multiplier

To get the multiplier prize, you need to drop cannonballs and destroy the towers. Destroying towers could lead to a chance of collecting the 2x, 3x, 5x multiplier, or 5 to 15x red treasure box pattern.

  • The Ice of Trials

We had a lot of fun doing the Ice of Trials as you have to continuously hit the dragon to somewhat break the ice.

The player must defeat the monsters during the normal game to trigger the Ice of Trials. This phase features an ice dragon that the player needs to kill within the 60 seconds time limit to collect more rewards. 

Ice pillars in blue, red, and rainbow will randomly drop during the dragon ice phase. The blue ice pillar is equivalent to 2x-3x while the red ice is 4x-7x, and 8x-15x for the rainbow ice.

  • The Monsters

In the normal game, kill the goblin to trigger the bomb attack while killing the wizard in the normal game will trigger the whole field fireball attack. Before playing the Crazy Hunter slot Philippines always refer to the paytable to check how much you can win.

  • The Fire Crystals

Kill the monsters, collect and crash fire crystals to win 2x, 3x, or 5x multipliers which will be added to the total score.

  • The Cannon Mode

The cannon mode can be switched on during normal games or when fighting with the ice dragon. Using the cannon is equivalent to a 3x bet. But the good thing though is that turning the cannon mode can significantly increase your winning rate. 

Unfortunately, this feature cannot be used in Gold treasure hold or when beating the golden boar.

  • Mayhem Missile

The Mayhem missile is free and is gained when your energy level is full. In Crazy Hunter, energy is gained through firing shots.

The free missile can be launched at the ice dragon or the targets in normal games. Firing the missile means your energy is reset and will only recharge 24 hours after you disconnect or leave the game.

Crazy Hunter Slot (1)

Crazy Hunter Special Bonus

  • Golden Boar

Collect the golden piggy to get more free spins and increase the chances of winning the jackpot. Destroy the golden pig to win big prizes. However, during the golden boar game, the player cannot change bets.

  • The Witch

Get rid of the witch to trigger the fireball that you can use to attack other towers. Attacking will give you the chance of gaining fire crystals. Enjoy possible rewards of up to 5 times the bonus.

  • The Golden Treasure Chest

The golden treasure chest is like the Crazy Hunter free spins bonus. If the player can collect all the golden chests and keys, this will be an opportunity to get 5 games and up to 10 Crazy Hunter free rounds of games to boost the shot at multiplying the bet up to 10 times the bet amount.

Crazy Hunter FAQs

What is the highest Crazy Hunter multiplier?

Crazy Hunter offers up to 2000X

Where can I play Crazy Hunter free games?

Several Asian online casinos cater to Filipino players or even those outside of the region that offer free games. 

The good thing about these online casinos is that they do not require account registration to benefit from Crazy Hunter free demo games. This way, you can have a feel for the game without providing your personal details yet.

Would you recommend Crazy Hunter?

We recommend Crazy Hunter if you are new to online gambling or would like to skip the hassle of learning complicated game rules. If you want an entertaining game while earning minus the complex game mechanics, Crazy Hunter is worth a try.

Is it legal to gamble in the Philippines?

As long as you meet the legal requirements and play through an offshore and online gambling platform, by all means, yes. But online gambling operators based in the Philippines are prohibited from catering to Filipino residents.

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