Emoji Riches Slot Online 2022 – review

Emoji Riches

This game called Emoji Riches once again amazed bettors today, and managed to steal the attention of many players with its title. As we all know, PG Soft is included in the category of the best providers of all time.

Slot Emoji Riches has succeeded in attracting many bettors in today’s world with its offer of games. The game offers colorful flashes of emojis ready to rain down on the players’ accounts. Players will be able to enjoy the various rhythms of the game with the 6×6 board rules and 25 pay lines.

Not only that, many interesting symbols can surprise all players. There are also attractive offers in the game in the form of coins. This means that each player will get a victory coin when he beats the game in any type and any case.

You also shouldn’t be surprised when you manage to pocket the real money prizes along with the jackpot for a total of tens of millions of rupiah at certain times.

Emoji Riches Slot Review

You should also know that this designer from PG Soft has mastered his skills in developing slot games based on true stories. That’s why what fans found in the video slot focused on Locke as well as his skill at playing the magic sticker competition.

The gameplay has tiered reels in addition to cluster payout machine slots. What’s even more interesting is that there are wild multipliers and free spins that will push you one step closer and faster to getting a maximum win of 25,000x.

Then also, HTML5 technology makes Emoji Riches so compatible on various devices, whether they’re mobile, tablet, or desktop. The game also comes with a 6-times layout with no pay lines. Instead, users can get a cluster payment mechanism where 5 symbols touch vertically or horizontally for the acquisition of their winnings.

Start by pressing the “+” button or the display to be able to open the modifier. Well, for bets ranging from €0.02 to €2, the bet level is 1-10 with the base bet remaining 10. The impact is that the total bet can change from €0.20 to €200 with an ideal range for the average and the height of the rollers.

If you have chosen a bet that feels appropriate, then please press the “Play” button to immediately start the process of one game. As for if not, then start some. bets automatically by clicking on “Auto Play”. By activating “Turbo Spin”, it can speed up the spinning of the reels, and other game options are also available on the menu icon inside.

Emoji Riches (1)

RTP & Volatility of Emoji Riches Slot Games

If you are curious and want to know how Locke turns stickers into magical opportunities, then please read on and read reviews about this Emoji Riches slot game. Then also, according to the provider, for gameplay, this game has moderate volatility by offering an RTP above the average of 96.78%.

Emoji Riches Slot Symbols & Payouts

There are at least 8 symbols that complete the payout line in this Emoji Riches. Please check the payment table if you are not sure about the symbol combo and payment. Then open the rules for all the more detailed and specific game requirements.

As we mentioned in the previous review, 5 or more symbols are the same but connected in the horizontal and vertical directions that trigger all the wins. All paytable awards are subject to the base bet.

Its low-win symbols consist of Poop, Beer Bug, Cleaver, and Bomb emojis. Manage up to 36 types for a prize bonus of 80 to 100 coins. Meanwhile, this high-level design includes a cat with a tired smile, a glowing face, and a heart-eyed but melting face. Please also collect at least 36 identical coins to collect between 120 and 400 lucky coins.

The special symbols don’t give any bonus prizes at all, and instead, sticker wild cards will replace other types of regular icons to help complete all the payout sequences. But make no mistake, because they will also help to trigger those Emoji Riches bonus features in addition.

Emoji Riches (2)

Best Emoji Riches Slot Bonus Features

It is here that for each win, symbols that are not part of the win will explode from the reels. Well, the new symbol will flow to the grid for a new chapter. Payouts or upgrade combos will give you more rounds until no combinations occur in the Emoji Riches slot.

Then also, for everyone or more wilds that appear in each winning round, the win multiplier will increase by 2x for each wild. Apart from that, all visible wilds and scatters will remain sticky until the spin ends.

Three splashes that land anywhere on the grid will activate a free round of Emoji Riches worth 10 games. It’s very interesting, isn’t it? Then also for every +1 scatter, will trigger two more bonus games, and each time one wild appears during the free spins will be multiplied by the win, up to 2x for each wild. Fortunately, they will be able to reactivate the bonus round.


Playing this slot game from Emoji Riches is not boring at all. That’s even if you choose to bet together as a team. Many players claim that this game brings abundant profits and success, and even then, if you play optimally and correctly.

PG Soft is constantly developing very slick and entertaining games by offering very high RTP levels, so the win rate and the potential for success are very good. The Emoji Riches slot is one of those very precise and matching games that delivers impeccable style with a funky, funky theme. 

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