Game of Thrones Slots – Online Slot Review (2022)

Game of Thrones Slot

Know that Game of Thrones slots is a game created by a Microgaming provider right in 2015. This real money slot machine game offers a game theme that is quite interesting with a different atmosphere. The players will be faed with legendary characters from various series. 

That way there are many things that you can get while playing this one game, one of which is about ideas or ideas from a thinker named George Martin. Not only that, in this real money slot Game of Thrones Slots you can visit all the kingdoms and take an important role in the battle for the throne.

For more than six years in the world of online gambling, this free slot machine has become a big enough demand among bettors spread all over the world. There are many reasons why its popularity is so high, ranging from elegant and quality graphics and designs, and features and a very entertaining story plot that doesn’t get boring.

Who doesn’t have the ambition to rule over the seven kingdoms and participate in a great battle? So it’s only natural that many players claim that Microgaming slots are successful with their symbolic characteristics. Then also, this Game of Thrones slot presents images with music themes that are so familiar during the game. This means that for the gameplay it presents, it has the legendary Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms background.

Just try to search on the internet, because there are lots of movies and TV series that have analog slots, but for Game of Thrones, this slot features its background slot. For example, there is a free slot without downloading, and during the free spins, you can choose and choose the royal house you want. We will discuss more detailed information in the next review, starting from characteristics, tips for playing to win Game of Thrones slots, jackpot bonuses, and more.

Interesting Features of Game of Thrones Slot Machines

Of course very interesting, because in this Game of Thrones slots machine game you and other players have the same unique opportunities. For example, the first is related to the choice of game type, because in one case it works on as many as 5 reels and 15 pay lines. Then the second one on its 5 reels and 243 pay lines. 

That way you have lots of different ways to collect a winning mix and the ability to accept payouts in different amounts and sizes. Very interesting isn’t it? However, the difference between the two lies in the possibility related to the maximum payment. 

Whatever it is, the actual payment in Game of Thrones is a free slot with a 27% bonus. Well, in that case, the combined 77% of the winners fall in the main game and only 23% of the bonus games. Indirectly, the win rate is at 95%. Game of Thrones Slots

As for if you play on 5 reels and 15 pay lines, then you have a chance to get 5000x the bet. For that in this case, 5 reels and 243 pay lines are 20,250 x per your bet. Here you will also find many bonuses and special symbols that are very interesting, including the following:

  • Potential Symbols
  • Accumulated Bonuses
  • Spread
  • Bonus – Free Spins Bonus
  • And much more

Furthermore, this slot machine from Game of Thrones slots offers two different game options. This means that the maximum and minimum bet ranges are not the same. Just imagine, for 15 pay lines, you can place bets of $ 0.15 to $3 in rotation. 

As for if you choose 243 pay lines, then you can bet $0.30 to $6 per bet. This Game of Thrones slot is free for you to download, and can be played on various devices, both desktops, and smartphones.

Many players say that this Game of Thrones slot has a high probability of being won with a fairly high percentage rate. You can also start a series of free spins and also join in on one of the royal houses. But sometimes it’s very difficult to do and requires a good understanding

During the game process, you will be accompanied by sound effects that will be heard throughout the season.

The impression will certainly be very interesting, especially this game of Thrones slots containing card letters and colored shields from each of his royal houses. Keep in mind that the card is a sign of the lowest payout, but in general, it is a combination.

Game of Thrones Slot 2022

Guaranteed Success, Here’s How To Win Playing Game of Thrones Slots

In this Game of Thrones slot game, you can have fun with all the rules that apply. For combinations, the winners are 3-5 of the same symbol. All of them must line up the same, and the order of the winners is formed from left to right. Then the winning prize amount is determined as the final result of multiplication rather than the same bet amount. So what is the right way to play to win in the Game of Thrones slots game? Here are the points:

  1. Monster Limits
  2. Use Playing Tactics & Strategies
  3. Set Minimum Rates
  4. Understand the Game Demo
  5. No Ambition & Must Control Emotions
  6. Learn All Bonus Functions & Characters
  7. Know The Extra Spin Slots
  8. Give Feedback from Players

Game of Thrones Slot Jackpot Bonus

In addition to the opportunity to hit the jackpot, you also have the opportunity to pocket bonus prizes for free to collect various collections of popular characters from books and TV series. Then, in addition to the jackpot, this free slot machine has many interesting games and bonus features.

First, you can take full advantage of the free spins that are activated after successfully landing 3, 4, and 5 symbols. House Baratheon offers 8 free spins, a 5x multiplier, and 3 Baratheon symbols. The House Lannister will unlock 10 free spins, 4 multipliers, and 4 Lannister fold symbols Game of Thrones Slots.

Stark House will give players a total of 14 free spins, and 3x, 5-fold symbols from Stark. The players also have 2 bonus features, and these are the best and scatter bonuses. You can activate the feature in all rounds. 

To get the victory in the Game of Thrones slots, you need to shoot which side of the coin will fall. You will get multiple wins if you succeed and can answer the questions correctly.

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