Helios’ Fury Slot Online 2022 – review

Helios' Fury Slot

Helio ‘s Fury slot is an online slot game created by Relax Gaming with as many as 99 ways to win. Features include free spins, running wilds, re-spins, as well as sticky wilds. Then for the RTP and its very high volatility percentage value of 96.27%, along with the main prize of 50,000x.

Here you and all the players will be welcomed into a wonder from Greek mythology and have the opportunity to play on an island with colorful waves from the Aegean Sea. Interestingly from 10 cents to £20 players can place bets and play on any device they want.

slot Helio’s Fury slot is really very volatile which will give a chance to win for whoever the player is. How not, this one slot offers up to 259 paylines with a winning chance of up to 50,000x the initial bet.

Helios’ Fury Slot Themes, Symbols & Payout Tables

When the island of Rhodes began to be besieged, this is where the Helios revival took place. Everyone realized that disturbing Helios’ sleep was a bad thing. Now this incredible fury is shown on the reels, which the players must win.

slot Helio’s Fury slot offers a number of interesting features and symbols, and will later help you all to get a maximum win of 50,000x the initial bet. Sticks, hearts, spades, diamonds and stars are the lowest paying symbols in this one slot.

Unlike the symbols of horns, swords, shields, or warrior helmets that allow passengers to be flooded with the highest value payments.

There is a 1x multiplier if you manage to pocket the exact same 5 symbols with low payouts, and 5x or 20x if they can get 5 high paying symbols. The wild symbol of this Helio’s Fury slot is a giant ship with the letter W symbol on the screen. The symbol will pay 20x the player’s bet if they manage to land 5 of them.

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RTP, Variations, & Payouts in the Helios’ Fury Slot Game

Now, for this video slot, this one is extraordinary with an RTP of 96.27%, and with as many as 259 unexpected paylines. This slot game presented by Relax Gaming called Helio’s Fury allows players to have fun playing dynamic slots and relatively stable prices.

Helio’s Fury Slot Game & Features

You need to understand that this Helio’s Fury slot can thrill and frighten you all. This 5 reel slot also offers elegant and very grand gameplay, along with its extraordinary features that can be very suitable for all players, especially beginners.

Then also in the basic game the players have the privilege of being able to use the wild symbol so that the victory can be obtained, as well as receiving the wild respin.

There are at least 5 rows and 3 columns, where the passengers can play the main game, and 5 rows and 5 icons for the Fury spin feature. There is a high possibility for them to get a win by adjusting the symbols in the neighboring column, either in the same row or in several rows up or down.

  • Helio’s Fury Slot Payouts

Please let down Helios’s wrath, and trigger a bonus round to win up to 50,000x stake. In the bonus round, there is an even higher chance that allows the players to get 259 different ways. It depends on the game, as the game offers two different RTP values, for the regular 96.27% and up to 97% after triggering the bonus round.

  • Wild Respin Helio’s Fury Slot

Lucky players will have the chance to land a wild symbol on the reels. These treasures can replace other symbols, and also increase the number of winning combinations. That’s the way to stimulate the Wild respin, where the wild symbol will be moved to the right one step.

  • Free Spin Helio’s Fury

Next, here, please open Fury Free Spin every time you win with one of the 5 wilds in the game. Manage to get 6 spins for free, and one wild symbol on the first reel. Later you will get 259 linked paths when the rows are multiplied by 2.

  • Buy Helio’s Fury Bonus

buy 90x the initial bet, and also get 5 free spins with an RTP of 96.27%. For that, make your lessons easier, and also take advantage of the free spins feature.

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How to Win Playing Helios’ Fury Slot

You should also underline that the Helio’s Fury slot is a Connected Ways slot game which means 3 or more symbols connected in any way. For example, starting from the leftmost reel, will result in a win. In the basic game there are 99 ways to win.

  • Walking Wild Respin

When you land a wild symbol, you will stimulate the re-spin bonus. The reels will spin temporarily, while the wild ones will run one reel. The re-spin will continue until the wild is no longer on the screen.

  • Free Spins

No need to worry, because you will be given a free spins bonus when 3 or more scatters appear on the reels. During the bonus, the wild ride will remain on the screen at all times. It may sound less interesting, but there are several important points that stand out that make this game worth considering, including:

  • 2 lines of symbols were added to the game, and increased the overall number of winning ways to 259.
  • Each time a wild run out appears, then one more free spin will be awarded.
  • Then when the running wild reaches the 5th reel, then one more free spin is awarded.
  • All wilds ending on the 5th reel will remain in place until the final bonus.
  • If the 5th reel is occupied by a wild and another until it reaches the end, then the wild itself will be held on the 4th reel.

Once again, Helio’s Fury slot is one of the ideal and interesting slot games to play, because here you will enjoy classic slot games with a more modern game design. The combination of traditional and new features gives a distinct impression and makes it even more enjoyable. https://pycasino.com/


What is the RTP of the Helio’s Fury slot?

The Helio’s Fury slot has a payout percentage value of 96.27%.

What is the biggest win that the Helio’s Fury slot has?

The biggest win you will get in this Helio’s Fury slot game is 50,000x.

How does the re-spin feature of this Helio’s Fury slot work?

The next time you land in the wild that will trigger a re-spin. In each response, the wild will run one position to the right until it exits the screen.

What is the percentage value of Helio’s Fury volatility?

Helio’s Fury is a very volatile online slot game, and it is rated 5/5 on the Relax Gaming variation scale, and provides a hit frequency of 23.98%.

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