Keno Online


Keno has got to be one of the most loved games in casinos. Why might you ask? Because it simply blends two of the most beloved games– bingo and lottery. The simplicity of the game attracts first-timers, enthusiasts, and pros alike. But there’s a chorus in the gambling community that Keno became a staple because once you’ve put your mind to it, once you try to develop a strategy to play smart and, in certain instances, with guarded risk, you can be a pro at the game in no time! 

Various references point to China as the origin of Keno. Its creator is disputed, but some point to Cheung Leung, who invented the game to raise funds to build his city after it was devastated by the war. This probably led to the trivial chatter that the popular game has managed to raise enough funds to build the Great Wall of China. Whether true or false, Keno is at least 2,000 years old. Its original play required knowledge of the so-called “Quanziwen” or the “Book of a Thousand Characters.” The name Keno resulted from the several iterations of the game that were compelled by the need to elude law enforcement and regulation. 

Initially, players are asked to choose ten numbers from 120. The possible numbers to choose from were reduced over time until choices were delimited to a pool of 80 numbers. 

Keno arrived in the Americas in the late 19th century as Chinese immigrants flocked the country. It was a perfect example of East met West, especially when the game became famous for laborers who built the Old West Road. At present, Keno is a global favorite and a casino staple. 


Keno Online in the Philippines

Keno is similar to the Keno Online and the Keno is available through Philippine government-sanctioned lotteries. The local Keno requires a bettor to mark his numbers through a Keno lottery ticket. The online Keno is a bettor’s length for as long as 21 years of age and has access to online casinos. 

The classic Keno is pretty straightforward. Here are three easy steps to play Keno if you are a first-timer: 

Step 1: Choose an online casino that offers online Keno online. (Read on to know our expert tips on discerning a trustworthy casino in the Philippines). Register and create an account on the online casino website. 

Step 2: Choose Keno from among the many choices of games that are available on the platform. Tip: If the casino offers a welcome bonus or free plays or simulation games for Keno, don’t think twice and grab that opportunity! This way, you can test your abilities before playing with actual money. But, if you are confident, you can start betting low (this is another expert tip, see more tactics and strategies in this article, too!). 

Step 3. The Keno screen will automatically show you a pool of 80 numbers. Depending on your gameplay, you can choose up to 10 digits. You can choose by simply clicking your preferred numbers on the screen. After you have selected, hit the “draw” or “confirm” button to submit your numbers. The random number generator (RNG) will choose 10 numbers. It will highlight all the hits or numbers you’ve matched with Keno and compute your payout based on the amount you bet and the number of hits you made. 


Is Keno online legal in the Philippines? 

Are online casinos in Philippines featuring Keno online ? Online casinos can legally operate for as long as they have secured licenses in their respective jurisdictions. Offshore online casinos are the ONLY ones allowed by Philippine laws to accept bets from Filipinos. Thus, local gambling laws prohibit Filipinos from playing or gambling in any foreign, offshore gaming outfit operating within the bounds of the Philippine territory. Simply put, Filipinos are legally allowed to play in online casinos that are licensed, regulated, and used outside the country. 

These offshore casinos are still legally bound by Philippine laws such that they can be held liable if they allow Filipino younger than 21 to place bets on their sites. Legal gamblers in the Philippines are those who are 21 years of age. This provision is the country’s commitment to underage gambling and part of several other rules and regulations that promote responsible gambling. 

Now that we have that settled, let’s deal with the original question– where to play Keno online, and where can I do it safely and securely? 

Online Casino Where to Play 

Top Reasons to play Online Keno here: 

  1. Gift of Asia to the world of gambling: The top sites listed here very different from the Western or the UK aesthetic. These sites promise diversity and variety that will complement the offerings of its Western counterpart. Its distinct Asian design appeals to the Asian audience and enlivens the Asian diaspora, spread in different parts of the world.  Keno online, with its Chinese origins and Asian aesthetic, provides a quintessential Keno experience that is truly unparalleled. For our Western gamblers, this is definitely a “taste of Asia”, and from those who hail from the East, “it is a taste of home”. 
  2.  Adheres to Global Standards: Top sites operates under different reputable licensing authorities such as Philppine’s PAGCOR and the Government of Curacao. Keno online players are then assured that terms and conditions abide by the international standards in online gambling.
  3. New but familiar: These sites also offer something new to the online gambling table. May of these sites have been operating for almost a decade and have well-adapted to the growing audience necessitated by the pandemic. They offer a wide range of games from the top software developers. New players who would like to explore new online casinos to play Keno online can definitely feel comfortable playing in these novel sites.

To further guide you on how to choose the best online casino for you, we asked our pool of experts to make a list of the top things a budding or pro player should look for when scouting for their preferred platform: 


License to Operate and Security Features in place 

There is a consensus among experts that nobody can crack the Keno code because there is none in the first place! Keno online draws based on a random number generator (RNG), one of the major security features you should look for to ensure that all online or live-play Keno online games are not fraudulent. Likewise, all trustworthy casinos should have SSL encryption to protect all your personal details, especially your financial account information. 

A newcomer to the online Keno online should always look for the license-to-operate certificate. Credible online casino websites publish this on their landing page to assure bettors that they have been duly authorized by their respective licensing agencies and are, therefore, can legally operate among Filipino clients aged 21 and above. 

Trust-building Features:  

There are several ways to check the credibility and integrity of a Keno online site. The license and security features of the online site should be the top consideration and should be supported by expert and customer reviews. While the online casino grew throughout the pandemic lockdown, it was not immune from unreliable, fly-by-night online hubs that littered the industry. But fret not; there are seasoned game houses that assure the public that they can gamble without the risk of losing to scammers or fraud. 

Stable online casinos offering Keno online are proud of their expert reviews and customer reviews. This allows curious players to weigh in on the online casino. Second, bonuses. New and established online casinos are battling head-on for a more significant market share. There’s no way to make a customer cut through the noise by enticing them with generous bonuses that can be withdrawn as real money! This marketing strategy is the trust-building feature of any casino that is worth trying. 

Terms and Conditions: 

 Not all online casinos are made the same. Therefore, not all of their general and game-specific terms and conditions vary! And that includes games like Keno online. Although the betting amount can start from a few centavos to more enormous bills, the withdrawal amounts may differ across casinos and payout schedules. So make sure you study the fine print before making that first bet. 

Reliable Customer Service: 

Gambling also has highs and lows. A player should not dip his toe into gambling without understanding its caveats, including disputes, bad habits, fraud, etc. This is why gambling is regulated by most economies, and safeguards are being developed as the industry progresses. A reliable online casino customer service should be one of the safeguards. Online casinos should always ensure that their customer attendant is reachable, knowledgeable, and faithful in every sense of the word. Top online casinos will boast their live chat service and lines open 24/7. 

Now that we’ve got you covered on some historical tidbits, where and how to play Keno. Let us share some helpful tips, tactics, and strategies that our Keno online players have used at the table or at the keyboard. Who knows, these might work for you as well: Set a bankroll limit: 

Keno online can be thrilling and, therefore, addictive. As a golden gambling rule, do not wager more than you can afford to lose. Better yet, observe self-discipline by imposing a bankroll limit. Most online casinos allow you to make a deposit, and the amount you deposit marks your spending threshold. 

Play the minimum: 

If you like to play for longer, try betting with the minimum amount. Of course, minimum bets cull minimum wins but also minimum loses. The whole point of this is it gives you more time and, therefore, more chances to play. And if you manage to develop a working strategy, you might hit the jackpot before your deposit, or your bankroll runs out. 

Only Bet 4- 6 numbers per card: 

Online casino sites provide the Keno online odds on the upper right side of your screen. But a web search will also yield helpful information on your odds of winning depending on the number of shots you take in every Keno online play. There’s a growing consensus among experts that betting on 4-6 numbers at a time and not clicking on 10 to 20 or maxing out the total allowable numbers will increase your hits. 

  • Most Likely and Least Likely Numbers: 

Opt for casinos that can preview Keno online results for the last gameplay. You can review as far back as you think needed, but the point is to check for the hot numbers or numbers that have been drawn several times versus the cold numbers or numbers that have rarely been drawn. By learning this, you can strategize by mixing hot or cold numbers, betting on all hot numbers at a time, or betting on cold numbers at a time. 

  • Divide the board into quadrants: 

Other experts suggest that you divide the Keno online board into a quadrant and distribute your shots across all quadrants. This gameplay is based on the probability that a Keno number will likely be chosen across the spread of 1-80 and as randomly as possible. 

Let’s Play Keno! 

Keno is a legend in casino games. It has built a cult following of its own and continues to dig its roots deeper into different cultures because of its extraordinary twist on a numbers game. Keno will continue to interest generations. Different iterations of the game will definitely usher in a younger generation of players. While the classic Keno online will remain for those who are loyal to the original. 

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