Lucky New Year Slot Online 2022 – review

Lucky New Year

Slot Lucky New Year is a slot machine that offers a Chinese theme designed in a 5 reel by 3-row slot machine game. So welcome to the new year for those of you who are lucky to be able to take home all the attractive bonus benefits.

The middle three reels have been completely taken by the big 3xw symbol during the free spins. Addition, in addition to the beautiful and attractive colors, symbols, and layouts of traditional Chinese specialties. So we make sure you will really feel satisfied and get a different playing experience here.

Lucky New Year Slot Themes & Symbols

As we explained in the previous discussion, this Lucky New Year slot is a slot machine that carries the Chinese concept with various symbols, ranging from dragons, drums, fruits, and a cute tiger holding a food bowl. This seems like a lot, but when playing this one game the players will adapt very easily and quickly. 

Then the other symbols consist of the traditional King, Ace, Queen, and Jack which you will all know even though you still lack experience and knowledge. This Lucky New Year slot game also provides a variety of colors, lights, and bonuses that can make you and all the players addicted and addicted without stopping. Don’t believe it? 

Please just prove yourself. Before you decide to try the fun of the game, then please read the rules and how to play in the next explanation.

Lucky New Year (3)

Basic Ways to Play Lucky New Year Slots

For those of you who have never played the Lucky New Year slot game, this might be a little disappointing. Even though this online slot game has the same way of working and rules as your favorite traditional slot machine. Well, to start this one game, the players must first feel happy with the bet they want to place on the bottom left of the screen. 

This means that this Lucky New Year slot game can be changed by clicking on the “+” symbol so that later you can increase the bet and reduce it. But remember to be able to bet professionally and put what you are good at.

Therefore you have to move a wheel to be able to spin the slot machine, so the players must also click on the arrow that is connected between the down and up buttons.

Clicking on the arrow button, it will make the machine move to produce interesting music, colors, and special entertainment. After that, the reels will stop from the leftmost reel to the rightmost reel which gives the players the opportunity to award and get a bonus if they win.

As for if the players are unlucky, then they just need to make a bet another time and continue to prove it again.

Lucky New Year Slots & Minimum Stakes Be

aware that this Lucky New Year slot game has an RTP rate of 96.01% for its players. This seems very good and ideal for new players to start betting immediately. For a minimum bet, this one slot game is quite affordable, because it is only about $0.25 credits per spin, making the machine more optimal and enjoyable.

But for those of you who have big win ambitions, then please prove it by trying in a credit round of $125. Then for the biggest payout in this Lucky New Year slot of $31,200 which is very fantastic and tempting. The players have the same rights and win, it’s just a matter of desire and ambition.

Lucky New Year (1)

Bonus features in the Lucky New Year Slot Game

For those of you who want to know more details regarding the bonuses and features of this Lucky New Year slot game, then please pay attention to the following points:


The symbol of a wild golden dog and this stack will appear on all reels, except for scatters and bonuses. Therefore later it will be exchanged for all other symbols in the form of victory.

Scatters & Free Spins

Then five free spins will be awarded when you land 3 lucky tree scatter symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5. Reels 2, 3, and 4 will spin simultaneously as one basic symbol during the spin. free. What’s more, this symbol will still land to cover the three reels later.


Finally, please start the mini-game jackpot when 6 or more of the paper lantern symbols appear on the reels. All the initial symbols including the mini jackpot amount all have a monetary value and will always be there then. Then the reels will be awarded 3 free spins to help you and the players catch even more lanterns. 

For extra lanterns in the field, this will reset the round counter to three. If you catch every lantern and win the mega jackpot, it’s game over. The game will also end when you start running out of replays. If you believe and feel that you are completely out of stock, then you will be compensated as a form of relief with the value of the lantern in the range of 1 to 100 times the result of the bet you made. 

Play Lucky New Year

Lucky New Year slots are one of the most unique and interesting slot machines to win so that players will have fun, satisfaction, and an unforgettable playing experience. The reviews here have indirectly seen the level of potential it can provide its players with free spins that are full of benefits. 

Not only that but in this Lucky New Year slot, you will also be given 25 pay lines that can provide many opportunities to generate wins in each round. What this means here is that you must be able to match at least 3 symbols on the pay line in order to receive a payout. 

Be careful with this wild, because this is the best symbol in the Lucky New Year slot game symbol game. Well, matching 5 symbols on this pay line can give you a high payout of up to 2500 coins. Very tempting isn’t it?


What is the RTP value of the Lucky New Year slot game?

The RTP in this Lucky New Year slot game is in the range of 96.01% with a very high potential level of volatility.

Can I play Lucky New Year slots for free just for fun?

Yes, because Live Bet Casino has offered a demo version of the Lucky New Year slot game for free without the need for registration.

Where is the best place to start the Lucky New Year slot game?

Wherever you can have fun playing this one slot, the most important thing is on the best and most trusted online gambling slot site.

What is the best strategy to win playing Lucky New Year slots?

This Lucky New Year slot game is the same as all games from Pragmatic that have official and reputable licenses, so you need to rely on luck with an RTP rate of 96%.

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