NBA Betting Online


NBA or the National Basketball Association is one of the most famous sports leagues in the world. Basketball fan or not, young or old, regardless of background, almost everyone knows the NBA.

NBA betting online is also a big name in sports betting next to the NFL. From October to June, the league offers opportunities for die-hard fans to wager on their best bets when it comes to team success and performance.

NBA betting online is going to grow in popularity. NBA betting online is not only well-liked in America and other western countries but also in the Philippines. As the new NBA season is about to start, enthusiasts are looking forward to NBA betting matches, actions, and outcomes that they can wager on.

If you are looking for action-packed entertainment and spice up the way you enjoy athletic events, there are a number of casino online Philippines that feature NBA betting which makes NBA betting online worth trying.

What You Need To Know About NBA Betting


When you are new to the world of sports betting, particularly in the NBA, there are different forms and options available. Below are the most common NBA betting markets that you can try.

NBA Moneyline

NBA Moneyline is a highly recommended betting option for starters. NBA Moneyline bet does not require any special skills as you only need to place your bet on the team that you think is going to win.

Moneyline is commonplace on sports betting websites and the best online casino in Philippines with NBA betting odds because it is straightforward.

The payout is determined based on the Moneyline odds given to each NBA team which usually range from +100 to – or +1000. One thing to remember in Moneyline betting is that home teams are often listed as the favorite because of home court advantage.

NBA Spread Betting

Spread betting in the NBA works by placing a wager on the preferred team to win by more than the set number of points or final score will be. It is like Moneyline betting plus an added level of difficulty.

For example:

San Antonio Spurs  -6.5

Denver Nuggets +6.5

In this match, if you think the Spurs will win by at least 7 points, then your bet should be San Antonio. Meanwhile, Denver Nuggets should be your bet if they win or lose by about 6 points or less to make a profit

 NBA Totals

NBA totals or over/under betting is the option to choose if you are not rooting for a specific team. Instead of wagering on one particular team, bettors need to place a wager on the total points scored in a game being over or under as set on the threshold.

 NBA Prop Betting

NBA props bet add excitement to your NBA-watching experience. Prop bets work by placing a bet on particular outcomes of a game. This could be betting on who will emerge as the rookie of the year, MVP of the year, how many blocks a team will have, who will get the highest score, who will get the 6th man award, and so much more.

Prop betting offers a plentiful opportunity for enthusiasts to win real money. However, not all online casinos or sportsbooks can support attractive prop betting. 

Thus, it is also recommended to review casinos online to see the best casino online with a wide range of prop bets to take advantage of your ability to understand a basketball game well.

NBA Betting Tips and Tricks


Who would not love to have extra money while enjoying your favorite sports? NBA betting online sometimes requires skills and knowledge about the game while some are purely NBA betting predictions.

But before you research how to sign up casino online Philippines and do your homework on casino review, research on NBA betting tips and other related information can go a long way. Gifting yourself the data and strategies will help you maximize your profit.

Home Court Advantage

Remember home court advantage when doing NBA betting picks. Travelling and scheduling can disrupt athletic performance due to fatigue and sleep issues. Game locations, physical, and psychological factors may affect the players’ focus and skill execution. Players may be more comfortable playing on their home court.

Did you know that the average NBA team won 61% of their games in their home states?

 Be Patient

It has been said so many times that patience is a virtue and over time this saying proves to be true. The ability to take a break and rest will not only save you from a disappointing losing streak but also saves your money.

Learn to understand that not every game is worth wagering on. Save your energy, money, and analysis skills on your team’s next game. The NBA season takes months before the season finale, so periodic rests will help you get through the entire season of NBA betting online.

Study Injury Reports

NBA players are susceptible to injuries because of the running, colliding, and jumping involved in a game. Even the league’s superstars are not exempted from such consequences.

Before doing your NBA betting finals, it is important to check injury reports. You would not go to K9win and bet on a team with an absent star player because of an injury.

Remember what happened to the Golden State Warriors when Kay Thompson suffered from injuries? Imagine the pressure and burden players must exert to win a game because of broken bones, sprains, or torn ligaments.

When you log in to your Fafa855 account for NBA betting, it is a no-brainer to bet on the team with players that are in their top condition to sustain a game.

 Stay Level-headed

Although it is expected to bet on your favorite game, doing so all the time will not help you in the long run. While it is understandable that most if not all sports fans are passionate, but if you want to make a profit, it is best to choose head over heart.

Do not cloud your judgment based on what you feel. When you go to sportsbook betting like Fafa191 and Fafa212, always remember what you have learned from your research.

Go back to the data and strategies that will help you win real money. Better play always works by deciding based on the odds, not because of what or how you feel.

NBA Betting Online FAQs

NBA betting Philippines

How much money can I get in NBA betting?

The type of NBA betting online market that you choose and betting strategy and two factors that will determine the money you make.

Where can I play bet online?

There are a number of sports books that cater to Filipino and other Asian bettors. Asian-based providers like Fafa117 have an impressive selection of sports betting and casino games.

Or you may want to check review casinos online to find the best and reputable platforms online.

Is sports betting legal?

Philippine-based casinos are not permitted to offer their services to Filipino residents. However, Filipino betters can engage in sports betting and other forms of casino games through duly licensed providers offshore.

It is completely legal to bet on NBA games at certified sportsbooks as long as players meet the mandatory and legal requirements. In the United States, anyone of legal age can engage in NBA betting or other sports’ betting as long as it is legal in that state.

What is the best type of bet?

The type of NBA bet you can engage in would depend on your skills and knowledge. This would also depend on how much risk you are willing to take.

If you are new to NBA betting online, it would be best to go for straightforward betting options like Moneyline and NBA total or over/under. On the other hand, if you are more experienced, you can go for prop bets or spread bets.

Is there a specific strategy when betting online?

One size fits all strategy does not work in NBA betting. With all the different types, it is safe to say that the best strategy is to equip yourself with the data needed to come up with a more informed betting decision.

Be informed and read NBA betting tips to help you refine your choices in doing NBA betting picks. Applying what you have learned will make the betting experience more profitable.

In NBA betting online, the teams that have proven records of outstanding performance and success are the ones that are highly favored. But wagering based on your emotions will not work eventually. 

In this game of throwing, running, and jumping with rigorous scheduling, stamina, discipline, and team work play critical roles.

Wager based on data and intellect. Stick to your budget and practice bankroll management. As most people do, betting online is a form of entertainment while making money at the same time.

So, if you are going to wager based on what you feel, most likely you will be dealing with a lot of disappointment and financial losses.

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