Neon Links Online by Red Tiger – Game Review 2022

Neon Links Slot

Neon links is a Red Tiger type slot game that has 5 reels, 3 lines and 10 pay lines. In terms of theme, this game is similar to old school fruit slots, but here we consider it that Red Tiger gaming focuses on the latest innovations that make its props for the studio. Then also for the graphics that it displays, it is very attractive and elegant, like it resembles colorful bright lights from a Vegas casino. 

Not only that, Neon links also offer symbols and free spins and bonuses. In addition, from the volatility owned, it seems very moderate. Here we claim that its value is like 6/10 on the Whiz slot scale. In its typical Red Gaming mode, the jackpot it offers is only 1,050x the bet. 

When you play the Neon links slot game with a bet of $100, you can indirectly see a $105,000 cash prize bonus. It can’t make you rich, but it is also very suitable for players with small capital. Therefore, please install moderate volatility and low RTP. 

Review About Neon Links

Since the arrival of the Neon links game which began in 2014, Red Tiger Gaming has launched a slot with a very slick and quality graphic design. The sound effects and display features with its classic symbols will spoil the players and provide real fun. 

It’s not just a matter of fun, because it’s also about big profits and wins. With betting capital starting from £0.10 to £100, then you can already get a profit of 1050x the bet. Are you sure you’re not interested in playing it?

Themes, Symbols & Payout Tables in Neon Links Game

As you already know that the theme of this Neon links slot game can take you all to vegas. The combination and compilation of hotel photos with vintage casinos in the background can give an extraordinary impression, as if you were in a Hollywood movie of yesteryear. But when the bonus feature is triggered, the background will light up and take you into the modern filmmaking process.

The card symbols will pay low, ranging from 1.1x up to 1.8 bets. The high paying symbols will come when they take the form of cherries, grapes, bells, horseshoes, and the highest paying symbol is 7. Later it can give you a bonus prize of 25x the bet to be able to land five 7s.

Also note that all the symbols in the Neon links slot game have their version, and the most striking of these symbols can change and link other symbols into winning combinations. There is also a Vegas spin symbol that can trigger the slot bonus feature in the vegas free spins.

Neon Links Slot 2022

Gameplay & Features of Neon Links Slot

For the gameplay of this Neon links 7 slot game, it is very easy and simple. A classic symbol that gives a feeling of comfort and nostalgia. No need to worry, because you and all the players will get a simple offer to be able to get this slot winning combination with a big bonus.

RTP & Neon Links Symbols

Well, for the RTP slot Neon links which is also known as the return rate of 95.67%. All the symbols that appear on the reels are of course still the same. Before you can accept the payout, you need 3 or more of the same symbol. 

The lowest symbol is after the card, and for the opposite end is the highest symbol. They are grape, cherry, bell, headed, following vegas spin. If interpreted in monetary terms, then a full line of premium symbols can give you up to 25x the bet. Fantastic isn’t it? However, there are a few bonus rounds to look forward to.

Neon Links Slot Game Bonus Spin

  • Neon Links Symbol

It’s also worth noting that this Neon Links symbol can land as a standard symbol in any random spin. So please take 2 from the same line. This is a good move, and if you’re after a big win then the neon symbol should appear on the first and final reels.

  • Free Spins

Next, please get 2 vegas spin symbols on the same line, and you can indirectly trigger the free spins feature. For free Respins this is a Vegas spin, and you will get a total of 10. Before they start, the slot machine game chooses one Neon links symbol at random.

When the free spins are in progress, those symbols will always land as 1×3 symbols. Therefore this will give you a good opportunity to connect with all of them. It could also be said that this is a basic neon symbol on steroids.

Neon Links Slot 2022 (1)

Neon Links Playing Strategy

Here we played the Neon links game for a few sessions with the usual results. We’re looking forward to more neon symbols, as this is a new concept that gives RTF something to do with it. You can get a full line of maximum wins when the two neon symbols are in the right position. The jackpot is 1,050x, and the free spins feature is not so easy to get.

You can get a win of $60-30x easily if you understand it well. Luck will be on your side a little more than you think. That means don’t get me wrong, that this Red Tiger game has a good and ideal fit here. 

Conclusion Game Neon Links

Red Tiger gaming works very well with this Neon links slot, because the use of the theme and the design is interesting and amazing. This means that this slot bet can make you satisfied and safe while playing. Especially when you choose and play in several games. 

The most interesting thing that you will find in this Neon link slot game is the feature that can change the entire game, and can increase the potential for high and real wins. Who doesn’t want to watch all the symbols on the screen connect for the biggest win? For that immediately register yourself, play, and get all the benefits immediately.

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