Nitropolis 3

Nitropolis 3

In 2020, ELK Studios re-released an online slot game called Nitropolis 3. This one game offers a very high and fantastic number of wins that we have seen so far. Interestingly, it is equipped with a very attractive graphic design with a distinctive soundtrack effect. This will certainly add to the excitement while playing, so it is only natural that many players are interested in this one slot game.

Now it’s your time to complete the trio with Nitropolis 3 which is one of the newest games. Its RTP value is 95.0%, and the winnings it gives reach 50,000x the bet. Interesting right?

Then also, in terms of visuals presented by the Nitropolis 3 slot, this is exactly what players have hoped for so far. This means that the visuals are very clear and look more satisfying. The audio is also much better and provides a different playing experience than usual.

Basic Features The Nitropolis 3 Slot Starts

from 6 reels, and this Nitropolis 3 starts at 3 with 4 rows of symbols. Then the victory is formed by adjusting and matching at least 3 symbols on the reels that are close to each other. For example, starting from the leftmost roll and forming 4096 for how to win. When you start playing the first two series, you will realize that this is a starting point.

Furthermore for the available symbols starting from the bottom end with J, Q, K, and AS paying 0.10x the bet for 3 of a kind up to 0.30x the bet of 6 of a kind. Four logos will welcome in mid-range with Rouge Rats and Pug Thugs making payouts of between 0.15 and 0.80x the stake.

This is of course for wins between 3 lines and 6 of a kind. Gritty Kitty and Dirty Daws followed suit to pay between 0.20 and 1x the bet. The point is to get a win between 3 and 6 of a kind.

The premium itself is a character symbol that matches the rats and pugs award logos to win bets reaching 0.50 and 0.75 for the same win up to 2 wins and a bet worth 2.5x for 6 similar wins in the Nitropolis 3 slot game of these.

Later the cat and dog will give a winning prize of 1 and 1.5x the bet for 3 types, so that later wins will be 3 and 5x the bet for 6 types, respectively. Eventually, the wilds are available, and they all replace the payout symbols as mentioned.

Nitropolis 3 (1)

Well, the wild symbol and all other regular payout symbols are in one of the four sizes Standard 1z1, super 2×2, mega 3×3, and epic 4×4. The entire large symbol will be counted as the number of small symbols that make up it. This means that symbols 2×2 will be counted as a form of 4 symbols 1×1. For the basic features of the Nitropolis 3 slot, we will explain specifically below:

  • The Avalanche Feature

Whatever symbol was involved in the winning combination will be immediately removed from the reels. This allows for new symbols to fall into place on their own. At the same time, a row of symbols added to the top will form an additional way to win.

Then, this too will continue until no more wins occur. Rows can increase by a maximum of 8, and if a Nitro reel is present, they will all be deleted. But not for the symbol that was revealed to be in it.

  • Nitro Reels

Next are Nitro Reels which can be said to be a helper for you to win in this Nitropolis 3 slot game. This means that this tiny Nitro Reel will always cover in two place symbols containing 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 payout symbols between the same 1×1.

It can also contain super bonus scatter symbols, but this will only count as one scatter. Then for the Nitro Reel, the amount will always include the name of the symbol place and contain 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 similar 2×2 payment symbols.

  • Nitro Match

Can be said to be a different feature from Nitropolis 3, because it can affect the reels rather than Nitro itself. Nitro Match is on a reel that is similar to or adjacent to the symbol, so it will issue a symbol that corresponds to one display on the reels that are close to each other.

  • Upgrade

Nitro reel whose position is on a reel that is similar or close to each other with symbols, so that later it will be upgraded to be able to contain a much larger number of symbols.

  • Nitro Wild

Nitro Wild whose position is on the same reel or adjacent to the Nitro Wild symbol to display the symbol itself.

All of the above features will be activated when all symbols land but before payment. The Nitro Feature symbol can be reversed to display the usual Wild type symbol after the initial feature occurs. As for if this happens and the wild participates in the victory, then the Nitro symbol will return.

Nitropolis 3 (2)


Can I play the free and free Nitropolis 3 slot game?

Of course, you can, and Clash of Slots is a place where you can test the Nitropolis 3 slot game for free without registration. All casino sites that work with ELK Studios offer free access to a trial mode.

Where is the best and ideal place to play Nitropolis 3?

When you enter demo mode, casino, or trusted casino sites like

How can I win playing the Nitropolis 3 slot game?

This game has a random system, so luck is the benchmark for a win. But please also check the existing pay table to be able to find out how much you can win.

Can I play the Nitropolis 3 slot on a Smartphone?

Of course, you can, because this one game is very friendly on all devices, be it Desktop or Mobile.

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