Opera Dynasty Slot Online 2022 – review game

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What Are Opera Dynasty Slot Games?

Slot Opera Dynasty is a casino slot game developed by PG Soft. Then this one slot also has a reel set consisting of 5, 6, 6, 6, 6, 5, so that certain combinations of symbols will form 2025 to 32400 winning lines.

This one-slot game also has features consisting of Scatter, Wild, Multiway or (+1024) symbols with an RTP of 96.79%. You can try the free slot demo first before playing for real money. There are many of the best and most trusted online casinos in the Philippines, one of which is Jili Slot Games which provides complete games, attractive bonuses, and real wins.

Reasons You Must Play Opera Dynasty Slots

As it is known that PG Soft is an acronym for “Pocket Games Software” which has always been successful in developing online slot games, especially Opera Dynasty. All the games he designed are perfectly compatible with any device, including mobile devices.

The slot game Opera Dynasty is very interesting because it has an RTP of 96.79& and 32,400 payment methods with a maximum win of 3,000x the bet. There is a silver framed symbol included in the game, and it can change to a randomly selected gold framed symbol form if it is a win.

Now, if the gold-framed symbol is part of the winning combination, then 2 to 4 wild symbols will be added to the game. Then for the modifier symbol, the red flag will randomly remove the royal symbol from the reels, and for the blue modifier symbol, it will add 3 to 5 reels of its wild symbol to the reels before stopping spinning.

  • You need to underline that these two mods will provide fun during the free spins bonus round, which will make them more valuable in the game. Feel free to try playing the free demo version to prove the fun for yourself.

What Are the Themes & Payouts in Opera Dynasty Slots?

The theme offered by PG Soft in this Opera Dynasty has a distinctive traditional style that uses symbols with random height features and exactly matches the mechanics of Megaways. The symbol seems very unique and can provide excitement for players.

Neither the wild nor the scatter symbol has a separate payout, so the top paying symbol is a girl whose head is decorated with 150x ornaments for 6 of a kind. Of course, you are curious to see the list of payments, because the highest paying symbols both look the same. But here it produces the 6th special 80x.

Not only that, for the women, there will be a mask option that pays 60x, 30x, and 15, a special bet for six of a kind. Slot Opera Dynasty offers betting options from 0.01 – 0.10 credits. This means that the minimum bet is 0.20 credits and the maximum is 20 credits of rotation.

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How to Play Opera Dynasty Slots on Devices

How to play slots from Opera Dynasty is very easy, because all you need to do is play with 6 reels, then 32,400 pay lines and win immediately up to 3,000x the bet. You will feel comfortable when you feel the gameplay it offers, even though it’s your first time playing it.

This is a game that uses the following 6 reels with random height symbols, but for a maximum, the reels can only be filled with a maximum of 5 symbols. For the 4 middle reels, there is a special additional place that is above the main reel area.

This will increase the total number of symbols on the reels so that it will be 6. You will get a probability of 32,400 which corresponds to the maximum number and payment method promoted by PG Soft itself in the Opera Dynasty. He asserts that the main area of ​​the reels is only divided into a maximum of 5 places per roll.

 The Best Features That Opera Dynasty Slots

The slot game Opera Dynasty has at least 5 of the best features, and you can get them all easily without exception if you understand the flow of the game. Here are the 5 best features it has:

  • Silver Frame

The first feature is a silver frame which during any spin some of the symbols may come out and be surrounded by a silver frame on this one. Those symbols that are part of the winning combination will all be transformed into the value of the identical payout symbol after the previous win is removed from the reels. His newest symbol will also bring up a gold frame.

  • Gold Frame

slot Opera Dynasty is the gold frame which you can only get when you win in the silver frame symbol form. The symbols will change to 2-4 wilds when the symbols from this gold frame form a part of the winning combination.

Here you will get even wilder when you have some of those gold-framed symbols, which will allow big wins to happen.

  • Red Flag Feature

Furthermore, this one feature will be activated randomly when the base game or the reels start spinning. This flag will cross the reels, and the other symbols with the lowest payouts will be removed from the reels. This is the best feature that is very useful for the players, so you should make the most of it well.

  • The Blue Flag Feature is the

same as the red flag feature, because this one feature will also be active like that. However, here the feature will add 3 to 5 wild symbols at random positions with the addition of the reels before ending in the spin. The ease in winning combinations will be triggered by these 5 wild symbols.

  • The Last Free Spin feature

is here for you and other players to be able to get 4 scatter symbols to stimulate the free spin bonus in the Opera Dynasty. Later you will get some additional free spins if you manage to get 5 or 6 scatter symbols. This means you can win between 8, 10, or 12 free spins. Very interesting isn’t it?

For every tiered win that is achieved when the features are in the bonus round, it can increase a significant multiplier by 2x until the maximum reaches 10x. Are you sure you’re not interested in its fantastic multiplier fold?

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Where can I play this Opera Dynasty slot?

We recommend that you play the best and most trusted online casinos in the Philippines, such as Jili Slot Games, and others that can guarantee a 100% win for the players.

How much RTP does the Opera Dynasty slot offer?

The RTP or payback percentage in this Opera Dynasty slot is 96.79%.

Who is the developer of this Opera Dynasty slot game?

Opera Dynasty slots are developed by studio PG Soft.

Can I play Opera Dynasty slots for free?

Yes, of course, there are many online casinos that you can access to play these slots for free without any capital and registration.

What is the best strategy to win the Opera Dynasty slot game?

It’s the same with all the games from the PG Soft studio because all it takes is luck. The RTP has the potential for you to get the biggest win in it.

What is the best, trusted and officially licensed site in the Philippines?

JILI Slot is the right choice for you to play in it, hundreds of games are available with attractive promo bonuses, real prizes, and a 100% security guarantee for its members.

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