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Pharaoh Treasure

Discover Long Lost Egyptian Riches with Pharaoh Treasure Slots

The pharaohs ruled the land of ancient Egypt, and as a symbol of power, they thrived to be counted among the most worshipped personages to have walked the earth. No wonder many people have linked the pharaohs to unimaginable treasures during their time.

The same principle was done by slot game developer Jili when Pharaoh Treasure was released in 2021. In fact, the Pharaoh controls the slot panel with some combos bringing everlasting surprises for slot players to cherish and enjoy.

If you are new to slot gaming, you should try the demo version of Pharaoh Treasure slots first. Thus, you can figure out how the game is played to your advantage. But there is nothing to worry when you play Pharaoh Treasure games for free because you will not use real money.

Main features of Pharaoh Treasure slots

If you love treasure hunting, Pharaoh Treasure is perfect for you as you quest to find the long lost treasure of the pharaoh in this slot game. Pharaoh Treasure also provides free spins bonus with the use of more scattered pyramids that you gather.

This slot game consists of 5 reels and 19 paylines in which you can play the pyramid bonus game and the free spins feature. You can also switch to either Queen or Pharaoh panel to have endless fun fighting with crocodiles and lions in order to win gold coins.

You also have an opportunity to play Pharaoh Treasure games for free through the demo version. 

This way you can interact with the basic features of the game without spending real money. Make it a point to try Pharaoh Treasure slots today to get the opportunity to win real money like you should.

Pharaoh Treasure Slot

Pharaoh Treasure slots gameplay features

Here is the basic gameplay of Pharaoh Treasure that will guide you through your quest to find the long lost treasures of the pharaoh himself.

  • The bet line wins the pay if followed starting from the left to the rightmost reel based on the pay table.
  • A total of 117,649 megaways is the maximum payline.
  • You can only get the largest amount in the payout for every payline.
  • Your winnings come from your bet multiplied by the payline.

There is also a free game feature that you can play within the Pharaoh Treasure games slot online that will certainly earn you more than you expected. That is why it is a perfect game for beginners and experienced players looking to increase their winnings in the process.

  • You can get free spins based on the scatters that show up in the main game.
  • If 3 scatters appear, it will activate the free game feature with 10 free spins. But if more scatters appear, 2 free spins will be added in each scatter.
  • If 3 collection symbols appear, 2 free spins and minimum megaways will be added.
  • Winning points acquired after every elimination hit will be multiplied by x2, x4, x6, and x10 in the free game.

These are just the most common features that you can enjoy when playing Pharaoh Treasure slots.

Pharaoh Treasure slots symbols equivalent

There are certain symbols that are used within the game to achieve a particular purpose. That is to maximize your winning potential without risking too much of your money in the process. 

Here are some of them that could be useful to you as you play the slot game Pharaoh Treasure games slot Philippines. 

  • Wild symbol – The wild symbol can substitute for any symbol in Pharaoh Treasure games slot online with the exception of the collection and scatter.
  • Silver frame – With the exception of the scatter, wild, and collection, the silver frame can randomly transform 1 regular golden frame symbol after elimination.
  • Golden frame – The golden frame will transform the wild after elimination.
  • Mystery symbol – This symbol will come when you least expect it to rescue and help you make a winning combination.
  • Scatter symbol – This symbol is depicted as a pyramid that enables you to launch free spins in order to win more compared to that of the regular game.

Pharaoh Treasure Slot (1)

Limitations of Pharaoh Treasure games slot online

Note that some slot games like Pharaoh Treasure games slot Philippines might not be available in some Asian countries. In fact, others may find it unavailable in their region. You may be able to play the game by checking out some popular online casinos in your area providing comments from Pharaoh Treasure online reviews.

For that reason, you need to read further casino reviews or evaluate some Pharaoh Treasure Games slot reviews to ensure that you can still play top slots online anytime and anywhere.

The good thing about signing up for the slot game offered by popular sites is that they offer bonuses. Just make sure that you are at least 18 years old so that you can take advantage of the rewards on your quest to find treasures.


According to Pharaoh Treasure Games slot reviews, this game can make you a millionaire overnight. Moreover, it is quite easy to play and get real money in no time. 

You can also get deposit or welcome bonuses upon signing up for membership in Pharaoh Treasure Games slot Philippines.

You may sign up for quick bonuses from reliable websites, including K9Win and FAFA855 to name a few. Since Pharaoh Treasure Games slot online is available for Asian countries, you can have a great time playing the game at the comfort of your own home or anywhere possible.

Pharaoh Treasure Games slot Philippines is available for Android and iOS devices but there is no need to download the game. 

You simply have to visit a reliable online casino where you can play Pharaoh Treasure Games for free today.

If you need further assistance in playing Pharaoh Treasure games slot Philippines, then contact the website you would normally play slot games from Jili. 

They will surely be able to provide valuable information on how you can play Pharaoh Treasure to win big prizes and bonuses.

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