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Roulette Online

Roulette Online

Everything You Need to Know About Online Roulette

You can’t be a gambler and not know a thing or two about roulette. Before it became the roulette online that many of us know today, it was one of the most traditional table games in casinos around the world.

In fact, you’ll most likely see roulette being played in one of those movie scenes because that infamous wheel has become a symbol of gambling for many years.

Here, we take a closer look at roulette, how online roulette came to be and what you can do to win big in this game:

What is roulette?

Roulette is essentially a game where a player has the option to place his bet on a single number, different groups of numbers, whether the number is odd or even, if the numbers are low or high, or if the color is red or black.

Then, a croupier spins the wheel and throws the ball in the opposite direction, so it starts turning around a track on the outer edge of the wheel. The ball will eventually fall onto the wheel itself and on one of the 37, 38, or 39 colored number pockets. If you guessed where it landed, you would win the game.

While roulette online was only played in physical casinos before, you’ll see a lot of online casinos now offering online roulette. In Asia alone, you have casinos like FAFA855 and K9Win that offer some of the best roulette games along with other table games that Asian gamblers can enjoy.

Roulette Online casino

Roulette Online casino

What are the benefits of playing online roulette?

If you’re wondering why roulette online attracts a lot of gamblers, here are just some of the many benefits that you can enjoy when playing this game:

  • Compared to other popular card or table games, roulette online has the single highest odds of winning with a 35-1 payout. And since the game is pretty easy to understand, even beginners have a good chance of winning because you simply need to place a bet and let the wheel decide whether you’re going to win or not. 

Anyone who’s played roulette online will tell you that they’ve already won several times.

  • Playing online roulette in casinos like FAFA855 and K9Win means you get to access this game whenever you want to. Whether you’re feeling lucky while travelling or in the middle of the night, you can always place your bets and enjoy a good game of roulette. Having access to this game online has also been beneficial for shy gamblers who feel intimidated sitting at the same table with more seasoned gamblers.
  • With online roulette, you can choose from a large variety of games depending on what you want to bet on or how much you want to win. You also have the option to bet on a live online casino game where you get to interact with other gamblers and the croupier.

What are the different types of bets in roulette online ?

If you’re a beginner, choosing the right bet can seem like a very daunting task. So, to help make things easier for you, here are some of the most common types of roulette online bets with their own odds and unique payouts:

  • Straight up

The most basic type of bet in online roulette, you simply need to choose a single number on the board and place your chip on that. If the ball lands on that number on the wheel, you win instantly, and this bet has a payout of 35-1. 

In American roulette, you get 2.60% odds of winning while in European and French roulette, you get 2.70% odds of winning.

  • Inside bets

Inside betting means that you’re choosing the numbers that are placed on the inner section of the table closer to the center. 

Although these bets have a lower chance of winning as opposed to outside bets, they also have higher payouts. So, if you choose the right number, then you can easily win big in this game.

  • Street

Also called a trio bet, this means that you’re betting on three numbers in a row, and you place a chip on the line to the outside of the first number on your bet. 

If the ball lands on any of the three numbers on the row that you chose, you’ll get a win with a payout of 11-1. In American roulette, you have a 7.90% odds of winning while in European and French roulette, you get an 8.10% chance of winning.

  • Split

In this type of bet, you’re choosing two numbers that are sitting next to each other on the roulette table and you place your chip on the line dividing these two numbers. 

If the ball lands on any of these numbers, you get to win a payout of 17-1. In American roulette, you get a 5.30% chance of winning while in European and French roulette, you get a 5.40% odds of winning.

  • Basket

Here, you’re essentially betting on five numbers: 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3, and you’re placing your chips on the line between 0 and 1 on the side of the roulette board. 

If the ball lands on any of these five numbers, you get to win a payout of 6-1. You can only place the basket bet with American roulette online where you have a 13.2% chance of winning.

  • Corner

From the name itself, you’re placing a bet on four numbers that make up a square on the roulette table, and you place your chips in the middle of these numbers.

If the ball lands on any of them, you get to win a payout of 8-1. In American roulette, you have a 10.50% chance of winning while in European and French roulette, you have a 10.80% chance of winning.

  • Line

A more complicated type of bet, means that you’re placing a bet on two neighboring streets, and you place your chip on the same line as your street bet. If the ball lands on any of the six numbers, you win a payout of 5-1. In American roulette, you have a 15.8% chance of winning while in European and French roulette, you get a 16.2% chance of winning.

Roulette Online casino 2022

What are the best tricks to playing online roulette?

Online roulette is a pretty straightforward game, but you still need to learn these tips and tricks to make the most out of your gaming experience:

Take advantage of free games or trials.

Playing roulette online for the first time can definitely be overwhelming and you can’t risk your money on something that you don’t know yet. Luckily, a lot of online casinos already offer free games or trials where you get to play a game to get a feel of what it’s like without actually risking your bankroll. 

Choose outside over inside bets.

Although chance plays a huge factor in winning the game of roulette, a lot of experts say that outside bets give you a better chance of winning since they cover more numbers even if the payout is smaller. 

Inside bets may offer higher payouts, but they also give you a lower chance of winning.

 Go for European or French roulette online. 

American roulette may be the most popular variant of this game, but European or French roulette online actually gives you a better chance of winning because of the single zero rule, which also reduces the house edge significantly. 

If you’re not using what type of roulette to play yet, you can try to play different variants to see which one fits your style and preference best.

Roulette Online 2022 casino

Don’t be afraid to experiment with combinations. 

It takes a while to master the art of playing roulette online, especially with the combinations. But if you have enough bankroll and you’re willing to learn, you can always experiment with different combination bets to give yourself a chance at winning higher payouts. 

Although you can expect some losses along the way, risking can sometimes give you bigger rewards in the long run.

 Try to control your bets.

Sure, it’s tempting to place bigger bets thinking you’d win big, but experts would advise against it. If you want to play longer, try to make smaller bets to really stretch your bankroll. 

And if you’ve been on a losing streak, make sure to take a break and come back later in the day when you’re not emotional anymore. Good bankroll management is essential to any successful gambling career, so make sure that you know when to stop and when to take risks.

Online roulette is definitely one of the most exciting games that you can try in an online casino.

Aside from being pretty straightforward with the rules, roulette online also gives you the best chance of winning big, so you can make the most of your investment.

This guide offers you tips and tricks that you need to learn about the game to make sure that you don’t only think about winning big but also focus on the experience that you can get when playing roulette online.

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