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Cockfighting is one of the traditional betting casino in the Philippines. The game itself had flourished in local communities ever since pre-colonial times. However, cockfight betting has become widespread in the islands during the Spanish colonization. The foreigners themselves enjoyed the game and allowed for cockfighting events to continue.

 Cockfighting, known to Filipinos as sabong or tupada, is held in local communities and in arenas established in every city or municipality. As with other gambling activities, legal and illegal cockfights occur in the country. Legal cockfighting is licensed and regulated by the government. On the other hand, illegal cockfighting is done inconspicuously in local communities, which are often subject to police raids.

 Over the past years, the country saw the rise in popularity of sabong online, prompting government authorities to release guidelines on its conduct.

Photo by: Rison Thumboor (CC BY)

What happens in a sabong or cockfight event?

A cockfight match usually starts with Ulatan, the moment when the participating cocks are presented to the audience. The participating cocks are then described in terms of breed, stance, weight, head size, plumage, and overall attribute. In the spirit of fairness, all vital information is presented to help bettors judge the match’s odds.

 At this time, the cocks are made to wear the blades. The size and the height at which the blades are placed should be uniform to ensure a fair match.

 The next part is the ruweda. The owners of the birds will stand in the arena and let the cocks peck at each other. The audience can see through the ruweda which cock is more aggressive and energetic compared to the other. By this time, players are more or less decided on their bets. When the casador declares “kasa na!” the placing of bets will start.

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What are the rules on sabong or cockfight betting?

The rules of the game are straightforward. Two owners will bring forward their birds and have these wear blades on the left, right, or both feet (depending on the event rules). These birds will fight it out, and the match shall be decided by the sentensyador. There are only three possible outcomes in a cockfight game: Bird A wins, Bird B wins, or a draw. Since the outcomes are limited to these scenarios, the chance of winning a bet is significant.

The decision of the sentensyador is final, although it could also happen that the match ends when one or both birds die from bleeding or could not fight anymore. In case neither of the birds dies or both fail to make a lethal blow against the opponent within 9 minutes, the sentensyador makes a decision.

 The sentensyador picks up the winning cock to peck its opponent twice. If the other participant fails to return the peck, then the winner is confirmed.

 In traditional sabong, kristo (named after Christ because of its outstretched hands when taking bets) takes on the wager of people in attendance at the arena. These kristos memorize the wagers made by players and use hand signals to determine the amount of money being placed.

 The owners and their birds are usually assigned as meron, the favorite, and wala or the underdog. The odds are similar to the American betting odds system: placing a bet on the favorite has lower potential returns compared to betting on the underdog.

 The same betting system applies to sabong online. However, to familiarize yourself with the terms usually used by the cockfighting community, here are the sample betting odds you need to be familiar with:

Table. Types of Odds in Cockfight Betting

Odds Description
“Parehas” Equal odds (i.e., you gain/lose the same amount on a win/loss
“Lo Diyes” the bet you made will be returned multiplied by 1.25
“Walo-anim” (eight-six) betting ₱400 will win you ₱550
“Tres” (three) betting ₱1,000 will win you ₱1,500
“Sampu-anim” (ten-six) betting ₱600 will win you ₱1,000
“Doblado” (doubled) betting ₱1,000 will win you ₱2,000

 What is sabong online?


Online cockfighting, known locally as online sabong or eSabong, is the online or remote betting on the result of a televised cockfight. Instead of placing the wager on kristos at the arena, online platforms and bookies are the ones that set the odds, receive the bets, and provide the payout. Online sabong platforms are essentially the online kristos.

 A live sabong or cockfight match is held in the cockpit arenas regulated by the local government units. Bird owners or sabungeros still turn up at the physical venues. However, wagering can now be done remotely through sabong online platforms. Like traditional sabong, players will bet on which bird will win the match. The bettor will receive the returns accordingly, depending on the odds for every match.

 Online sabong or eSabong has become immensely popular over the past several years. In 2020, live cockfighting was prohibited due to the restrictions on physical gatherings. When the limits on leisure and gambling activities were relaxed, sabungeros or bird owners flocked to the arenas. Still, many bettors opt to wager in the comfort and safety of their homes. Thus, sabong online started and continued to become popular among Filipinos.

 Why is sabong online preferred by Filipino players?

The country’s experience with the pandemic made Filipinos reevaluate which activities could be done remotely and within the comforts of their homes. As long as possible and practicable, social, economic, and financial activities are done online through digital platforms.

 Placing cockfight bets online protects players from getting infected with viruses and other infectious diseases and makes them safe from the possibility of untoward incidents in the arena. Millions of pesos are involved in cockfight matches. Some groups try to “game” the events, which makes them at odds with other groups. Over the past years, violence and unfortunate outcomes associated with cockfighting have made rounds in the country’s news.

 Playing using sabong online platforms places necessary distance from players seeking fun, entertainment, and the clean chance to win some bucks.

 Moreover, watching the cockfight events online allows players to see the match up close. In cockpit arenas, the actual fight between the fowls can not be seen clearly due to the distance and size of the crowd. In online cockfighting, professional camerapeople capture the battle in clear detail and high definitoio.

 Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) also get to enjoy the match and place bets even though they are not physically in the country. Many OFWs are seeking a piece of the Filipino culture while working abroad. Sabong online platforms allow them to watch cock fights and place bets.

 The ease of placing bets online, coupled with the rise of online cockfighting communities that converse through social media, has made even those not previously into cockfighting highly interested in this betting activity.

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 How to start betting through online cockfight or sabong?

  1. Choose an online platform or agent. Many agents offer platforms where players can place their bets. To place a bet in these online kristos, you must sign up to become a member of the platform. 
  2. Create an account on the platform. Signing up is pretty easy and straightforward. 
  3. Prepare a digital wallet. Online cockfighting platforms will require you to provide a digital wallet account that you will use to cash in and withdraw your winnings. Most platforms support GCash and other cryptocurrency wallets.
  4. Deposit an amount. Using your e-wallet, deposit a specific amount you intend to stake on the matches. Every online platform has a minimum deposit and withdrawal amount. You should check the specific terms and conditions of your chosen platform.
  5. Place your bet. Each platform has a minimum amount of bet. The odds are also indicated for every match.
  6. Watch the match. To watch the cockfight match, you can check the online betting platforms, which usually offer online event streaming. Typically, you must place your bet before you gain a “ticket” to watch the match. This system is in place because the bandwidth is reserved for those participating in bets. Nevertheless, there are mobile applications that you can download. Alternatively, these events can be streamed using a laptop or mobile internet browser. 

Of course, watching the match itself is not required when placing and winning bets. Some bettors simply wait for the result of the game and collect their prize. However, knowing the owners and getting familiar with the actual match itself will help you make more successful bets in the future.

1.Avail of bonuses. Most online platforms that accept cockfight betting also offer bonuses, especially to first-time clients. For instance, you can get extra credits for other casino games when you sign up. An extra amount can also be credited to your account every time you deposit a specific amount. These bonuses are important to make the most out of your deposits. Choose an online betting platform with great bonuses and promotions.

2.Manage your bankroll. As you play, learn how to manage your bankroll. You have more chances of winning if you bet on multiple events. First-timers shouldn’t go all in on a single match. Distribute and diversify your bets on various events. This way, your win in one event can offset your loss in another game. You can maintain your bankroll and have enough to make another go.

Where to get information on matches and other details?

Sabong cockfighting platforms post the schedule of events and matches where you can place your bets. Typically, the stadium or arena and the cockfight event itself are indicated in the event banners. These platforms also offer other relevant information, such as the results of previous matches.

 Whether you are still familiarizing yourself with the game of cockfighting itself or the process by which you can place your bets online, these online betting platforms and sportsbooks will provide you additional information you will need to begin and succeed in your online cockfight betting experience.

 Is cockfighting legal and legitimate in the Philippines?

Cockfighting is legal and regulated in the Philippines. The local government units established cockpit arenas in their respective jurisdictions. Therefore, cockfights that happen within these stadiums are sanctioned by the government.

 The sabong industry in the Philippines is worth 75 billion pesos. Many people work and participate in the sabong industry as means of their livelihood. For others, it is for recreation and entertainment. Recently, the Philippine government released guidelines for regulating the conduct of online cockfight betting.

 The results of cockfights are generally legitimate. Cock owners put time and effort into training and conditioning their birds to win the match. Of course, there are some stories of groups trying to “game” the competition by deliberately losing while betting on the opponents. Although these things might have happened, game administrators are strict, and sentensyadors are pretty experienced in detecting whether a fowl is not in good condition. In short, although some people might try to rig the game, hosts can see and prevent these from happening.

sabong online cockfighting


Sabong online is a type of gambling. Every gambling activity has its risks and rewards. However, participating in those events you enjoy is more fun. If you are the type that gets an adrenaline rush in watching a brutal fight between fowls, then online sabong is for you. Also, if you want higher chances of winning a bet, that is, to bet on an outcome against only two other possible results, then online cockfighting is the game for you.

Just remember that online cockfighting is a form of gambling. You stake your hard-earned money for the entertainment and the chance to win. Therefore, always play in moderation, and just put in the amount of money you are willing and can afford to lose.

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