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Slot online Philippines review

Slots are the most popular casino game to date. It is the most sought in brick-and-mortar casinos and online casinos. Online slots available in online casinos and on mobile have increased their popularity to unprecedented levels. 

What makes slots so popular and addictive? Slots are simple, the main driving force for attracting players and converting them to patrons. No special skills are needed because all a player needs to do is spin the reels. And if that seems like hard work, they can also put the game in autoplay, and the machine can do the spinning. 

The rules of slots online are standard and straightforward. Whether you match 3 or 5 reels at a time, the goal is simple– match them all! The visuals and music are where the competition lies. Players of slots online are easily reeled into the game because of the stellar 3D graphics that make the simple game a feast for the eyes. Likewise, sound effects on slots online escalate the gaming experience by stimulating the brain, making it thrilling and exciting. 

How to Play Slots Online: A Step-by-step guide: 


Choose a trustworthy online casino with a variety of slots games

Regardless of the game, an online player should always look for a trusted casino. That is the golden rule in online casino in Philippines! A player should look for the online casino license and slots online, they should look for the RNG, or the random number generator, which assures that slots online are not rigged. 

Aside from this, a player should look for an online casino site that offers a wide range of slots online games. Slots online can be mundane if a player repeatedly plays the same game. Still, the gaming experience can be diversified if a player can take a shot at different slots online without leaving an online casino platform. Free spins and other bonuses can be productively used-up this way too. 

Look for Slots Online with Free Play: 

More than a tip, this is an essential step for any type of player. Slots online come in different shapes and sizes. Even slots online from the same software developer always offer something new. Despite this, slots online are usually available through demo play or free play. This helps players familiarize themselves with the rules of the game and be acquainted with the graphics and sound effects to settle into the right mindset when gaming. 

Study the Rules of the game: 

Not all slots online are created the same, although the rules remain constant. That does not mean that players should be complacent and throw away their money, even if they can afford it. A prudent player will always read the rules of each game to understand how to optimize their winnings and best use their bonuses and other perks to their game’s advantage. 

Play for Free: 

Once a player has registered and has read the rules of the game, they should not shy away from playing for free. Without having to put down any cash, a player can get a sense of the game and put the theories into play. While there is no hack to slots online, they can have a feel of whether the overall package fits their taste or not. This way, they can save valuable time and money for slots online that best suit their palate. 

Play for real money and Have Fun with Slots Online: 

Once a player has tried slots online games for free, then they can try playing for real money. Slots online can be addictive; that’s why it’s the most popular online casino game. It can only be exciting and thrilling for as long as players gamble responsibly, including sticking to their bankroll limit. Slots online can be encouraging and frustrating simultaneously, and this conflict should not take away the joy of playing. 

slot online Philippines

Slots Online Jargon That You Need to know

  • Reels: These are the vertical lines on the slots grid. There are usually composed of 3-5 symbols and define the game; after all, spinning the reels is the essence of slots online games. 
  • Symbol: These images used to create a winning combination. To win, the symbols must match the prescribed winlines of a game. 
  • Winlines: Each slots online game has its unique winning pattern or combination of symbols. Make sure to know this information to learn how much you stand to win.
  • Payline: These lines drawn across the reels indicate your potential win. Usually, it is drawn from left to right and can go on a straight or zigzag line, depending on the winlines of the specific slots in an online game. A player wins when they get matching symbols on an active payline.
  • Wild symbol: This symbol technical substitutes or copies other symbols to make a winning combination or winline.
  • Paytable: Information that summarizes how the player can win, how much each symbol is worth, how to make winning combinations, paylines, etc. Technically this information outlines the distinct rules of a specific slots online game. A player should read the paytable first before reeling away.
  • RTP or Return to Player: This metric is used across slots online and other online casino games that guides players on how much they stand to make in a particular game or segment. It attempts to provide a reasonable estimate of the theoretical percentage players can get in the long haul. For instance, if a game has a 97% RTP, it means that for every P1000 wagered, the player can get 97% of that amount over time. The casino keeps the remaining 3%. 

This calculation does not apply to each slots online game played. This is calculated based on the billions of games played by slots online players of that specific game. 

  • Variance or volatility: This refers to how often a slots online pays out. Slots online games with high volatility mean that wins can be elusive, but payouts are higher than low variance slots. Low variance slots online, on the other hand, offer more frequent wins but with lower payouts. Different games have unique variance or volatility, so a player must consider this information, especially if they plan to play for the long haul. 
  • Loose or Tight: This refers to the hit frequency of the slots online game. Loose machines or slot online games are those known to have high win frequencies and/ or RTPs. A tight machine, on the other hand, has a low hit frequency or low RTP. 

What are the Most popular Slots Online game for Filipinos? 

Filipinos join the global community who just can’t get their fingers off of spinning the reels. There are many reasons why Filipinos love slots online and we are here to breakdown all the details that makes this an online casino staple: 

Slots Online with High Payout 

As mentioned, different online casinos that offer slots online have different payout percentages. That’s why its smart to look into the payout rates of online casinos as provided by experts and the slots online community dedicated to give players an unforgettable playing experience. 

In 2022, the following games topped the highest payout rates in slots online: 

Slot online game  RTP Percentage  Software Developer 
Ugga Bugga 99% Playtech
OOH AAH Dracula 99% Barcrest
Mega Joker  99% NetEnt
Jackpot 6000 99% NetEnt
Jackhammer  97% NetEnt
The Catfather 98.1% Pragmatic Play 
Guns N’ Roses 96.9% NetEnt
Ghost Pirates 96.8% NetEnt
Jokerizer  96% Yggdrasil Gaming
Foxin Wins  95.9% NetEnt

Slots Online Free Tournaments 

Slots online can be melancholy to play by yourself; that’s why online casinos have adapted this traditional casino favorite. Free slots online tournaments have several advantages compared to their land-based counterparts. Since the game is available online, a player only needs access to a PC or mobile and can be anywhere around the globe to participate. Winners of free slots online are entitled to win different types of prizes, from online casino rewards to special bonuses and other perks. 

Slots online tournaments are offered free of charge, but certain online casinos require players to give a modest fee which constitutes the pot. But several online casinos host free games for as long as players register with their platform. 

Filipino slots online patrons are always on the lookout for these tournaments because, aside from being free, winners can win real money! After registering, players are given the same amount of time (usually 20 minutes) and the same amount of credits to play. Every time a player wins a spin, their winnings are safely stored and will not add to their credits to even out all the players’ chances at winning. After all the players’ time and credits run out, the player with the biggest winners will be projected on the leaderboard. Upon validation, they are entitled to withdraw their winnings based on the online casino’s terms and conditions. 

Aside from free slot online tournaments, there are other games that slots online patrons can participate in– buy-in tournaments, comped tournaments, survival mode tournaments, etc. Each of them has its unique way of adding thrill to the slots online game, some of them are exclusive to VIP clients, and some are competitive to the point that strategy in terms of pace and prudent use of credits come into play. 

Slots Online Diverse Payment Methods 

Because of the popularity of slots online, different modes of payment and deposits are widely available to Filipinos. Accessibility is one of the key features of an online casino that is highly valued by its clientele. The more payment methods available, the more likely diverse player profiles will be encouraged to try and stay on with the online casino house. 

  • Credit Card: The most common and widely accepted credit cards in slots online casino is Visa and Mastercard. 
  • E-Wallets: There are several e-wallets available in the market, such as Neteller, Skrill, Ecopays, WebMoney, etc. But online casinos operating in the Philippine market are now available through GCash deposits. 

GCash is now the most widely-used e-wallet payment mode for Filipinos. Its users can handle their finances through mobile phones and the internet. The app is secured and regulated by the state’s central bank. For some, it saved them the hassle of opening a bank account, which can be discouraging because of its minimum deposit, maintaining amounts, and other requirements. 

  • Bitcoin: Since cryptocurrency became popular in the Philippines, some locals have tried buying it because of its promised anonymity and growth, while the latter is not guaranteed. Several slots online hosted by online casino houses accept Bitcoin as a mode of deposit. 
  • PayPal: PayPal is also rising in popularity because of its security features. For slots online players, PayPal can come in handy if they want to be assured that their personal information can be concealed and kept in utter confidence. 
  • Bank Transfer: Most banks have migrated their services online; this allows Filipinos to manage their funds virtually. They can easily link their bank accounts as their preferred payment modes in an online casino and withdraw credits directly to their accounts to play slots online.


Slots Online Bonuses 

Slots online bonuses can come in handy in free play, playing for real money, and especially in tournament mode. Online casinos offer various slots and bonuses to pump up the gaming experience of their clients and patrons. 

  • Welcome Bonus: First-time online casino players are often lured in by a hefty welcome bonus upon sign-up. Online casinos allow new registrants to use these as credits to different games, which includes slots online. 
  • Free Spins: Free spins are offered to different types of players, regardless if they are new, regulars, or one of the VIPs. This bonus can be beneficial if you are playing a low-variance online game, which means you can play for a longer time, and win more, albeit at lower amounts. In high volatility games, free spins can be handy if a player wants extra mileage, giving them an extra chance of winning that elusive hit. 
  • Multipliers: Certain games award multipliers for making your initial win several times bigger! Depending on the online slot game, multipliers can depend on the paylines, winlines, or even your betting amount. 
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