Sports Betting Online

Sports betting has been around for thousands of years. Even in ancient Rome, people placed wagers on the outcome of an event like circus or chariot races. Today, people enjoy watching sporting events. And to make it more fun and exciting, they also love to place wagers on various events.

Over the years, sports betting emerged as a popular pastime. What used to be frowned upon because of the anti-gambling stigma is now a multi-billion industry. With the Internet and full legalization, sports betting online became a legit source of entertainment for Filipinos.

In the  Online casino Philippines, sports betting is now the most preferred way for Filipinos to place their bets and is considered a major industry. With the availability of sports book websites or online casinos that offer sports events like sabong online, the country’s favourite pastime is now part of the mainstream culture.

Is Sports Betting Legal in the Philippines

Yes, betting on sports online and in land-based casinos is authorized in the Philippines. Sports betting is regulated by PAGCOR, the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation. This agency oversees the gambling operation in the country except for the Cagayan Freeport economic zone which has a separate governing body.

However, online sports books are prohibited from operating in areas regulated by PAGCOR. Online bookmaking businesses are free and permitted to operate within the Cagayan Freeport region. However, online bookmaking companies are not allowed to offer their services to Filipino residents. But, Philippine residents are free to place their bets for Pinoy sabong and other preferred sports at licensed offshore sports books.


football bettingGambling and Betting Laws in the Philippines

Gambling laws in the Philippines were not around until 1975 when then President Ferdinand Marcos, Sr. signed Decree No. 1067-a, defining the gambling laws in the country. 

Two years later, in 1977, PAGCOR was created to regulate, authorize, and license gambling businesses. The revenue out of these gaming and gambling businesses is utilized to fund national government development programs and facilities to promote tourism.

According to Republic Act No. 9287, anyone caught playing or organizing an illegal gambling event is punishable and could be imprisoned from 30 days to 20 years depending on the charge.

Executive Order No. 13, section 3 classifies online gambling, where Philippine residents can engage in regulated offshore sports books and where it states that domestic online operators are prohibited from offering online gambling to Filipino residents.

Sports betting, particularly sabong live, is regulated by GAB or Gaming and Amusements Board. The organization regulates and oversees the play for pay sports events like Pinoy sabong to combat the establishment of illegal bookies.

Generally, domestic and online offshore gambling is permitted in the Philippines.

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Philippines’ Sports’ Betting

You can bet on almost all sports in the Philippines through licensed sports booking companies. From basketball to boxing, martial arts, horse racing, and virtual sports, the options are limitless.

While basketball is considered the number one sport in the Philippines, sabong or cockfighting is a national pastime. Sabong has been an integral part of the nation’s history and culture even before the Spaniards came. In 1974, sabong became a legal sport in the country controlled by GAB, Gaming and Amusement Board.

Sabong’s popularity is evident in the large arenas almost everywhere throughout the region for the sport. These arenas are filled with cockfighting enthusiasts during cockfighting events on special occasions and festivities which are well-attended. 

But with the Internet and technology, many legally sanctioned online gaming bookmakers provide a quick and convenient way for Filipinos to bet on international sabong events.

Because of sabong’s popularity, sources for tips and tricks to win are also accessible online. Useful sabong winning tips will help ensure bettors are not only relying on guess work.


How to Bet in Sabong

If you are just learning this trend or curious about how it works, this section will help you understand how to bet in sabong. But before we get into the details, here is a quick rundown of common sabong terminologies.

First, you need to your e-sabong login by creating an account. How to register sabong online? Visit your preferred online sabong provider’s website and follow the screen prompts to complete the registration. Let your online sabong journey begin with Talpak online sabong or you may opt to explore other choices like sw418 sabong.

Usually, it only requires your name and mobile number to register. Once registration is complete, most new accounts are given online sabong points and promotions for an enhanced sabong experience. Then, you need to make a deposit through the preferred payment method so you can start betting.

You must provide your real name and a valid mobile number upon registration. OTP or One-Time-PIN is sent to the specified mobile number to verify the information. This phase is crucial since you cannot withdraw your money if your e-sabong login details are not verified through the KYC or Know Your Customer in compliance with PAGCOR or Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation.


sabong online

Unlike the traditional sabong live streamed online does not require the complicated hand signals. International sabong online makes the process easier and more convenient. Two cocks are pitted against each other and you have to place your bet on the rooster or cock that you think will win. 

Once bettors have all placed their bets, the two cocks are let go to fight. The “meron” or referee is assigned to separate the fighting cocks when the fight is over or when a winner is declared.

Winnings can be collected through the list of payment options on the website. But in most cases, the deposit options like Gcash online sabong are the same option to be used to withdraw the winnings.

Sabong Terminologies

Sports betting online like sabong has its terminologies that only enthusiasts will understand. Before you work on your 888 sabong online login or from other online sabong providers, you also need to learn the common terms used.

  •         Carreo – refers to the actual handling of two fighting cocks when one or both stops fighting. This is done to know if cocks will continue to fight or to know who wins.
  •         Dejado means underdog
  •         Doblado translates as double, your bet will double your winnings
  •         Kristo refers to the bet taker
  •         Llamado means the crowd favorite or the cock with the bigger bet
  •         Lo Dies means your bet will be multiplied by 1.25
  •         Onse means your 400 bet will get 550
  •         Pot money is the amount set by the management to qualify for a prize
  •         Parehas means equal
  •         Soltada is the actual fight between two pitted game cocks

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Online Sabong Strategy and Tips

While there is no special trick needed on how to bet in sabong, knowing the basics in sabong winning tips can go a long way. Get the chance to win in your next sports betting online adventure with the help of this online sabong strategy and tricks.

  1.   Choose based on track record

Sabong online is like any sports betting event online where players track records of wins so bettors will have an idea of how much of a fighter their bets are. Websites that feature international sabong events display the number of wins and losses and draws of each game cock. 

When placing your bet, you just have to look at the trends section to see which game cock dominates and the list of game fowls for upcoming matches.

  1.   Pay attention to the rooster’s form

Before a sabong live event starts, bettors are given the chance to check the roosters’ gestures and forms. Just like traditional sabong events, spectators and bettors get to see the pitting cocks before an event commences.

Take note of how the roosters fly and jump. As for the form, long thin beaks are signs of speed and agility while a broader back translates to more power. Bigger and longer wings mean better shuffling while shorter wings are better for clipping at midair. 

Thighs must have supple muscles and longer than the shanks for more power when hitting. Shiny, full, and smooth feathers mean that the game cock is well taken care of.

  1.   Listen to the announcer

The same as traditional sabong, online Pinoy sabong also has an announcer to provide the statistics of the competing game cocks. So, before the actual match commences, pay attention to the announcer.

If you are new to sabong sports betting online, it would be best to place your bet on the game cock with a proven number of winnings. Following the above-mentioned sabong winning tips may not guarantee a 100% win but this particular online sabong strategy is sure to give an almost 90% winning chance.

What is displayed in the trends section like the winnings, losses, draws, and the weight is announced. Like any form of gambling, sabong online is solely on luck and gut feel, but placing your bet on a game fowl with a good winning record has a good chance of winning real money.

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Online Sabong Payout Formula

Apart from the question of how to bet in sabong, you are probably wondering how much can you win. The online sabong payout formula depends on the odds and the amount of wager. Filipinos new to online cockfighting or non-Filipino who wants to experience this longtime favorite can win up to 100%.

The odds in sabong start at 10% or locally called sampu siyam. Then, it can progress to walo dyes or 20, anim for 30 percent, tress or fifty percent, and 100%. However, odds variations are expected depending on the bookmakers.

Many top rated online sabong bookmakers accept credit cards, debit cards, P2P payments, wire transfers, and other forms of payments. Gcash online sabong is one of the most common and convenient ways to add funds to an account and withdraw money. Some also have adopted the use of crypto currency as means of deposit and withdrawal.

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Sabong Points and Bonuses

Online sabong bookmakers often give welcome bonuses. Promotions like online sabong points, bonus offers for new members, and others will provide more time to play and grasp the fundamentals of sports betting online.

Online sabong points and other promotions will entice new and existing players to play online sabong while minimizing the risk of losing their money. 

These perks and rewards offer opportunities to win real money with the lower danger of losing all the funds in their accounts. With extended playing or better time; you also have a better chance of winning, which enhances the overall sabong experience.

Certain online sabong partners offer a talpak online sabong bonus of 30% on your first deposit. The deposit plus the 30% bonus can be used as your betting money for the duration of sabong events you would like to engage in.

However, online sabong points and promotions come with terms and conditions. Hence, it is a must to take the time to go through the conditions page to fully understand the terms that you are about to agree to. Accepting Pinoy sabong bonuses and perks is not mandatory but understanding and accepting the conditions attached to these benefits are obligatory.


Philippine Sports Betting Online Resources

With the increasing popularity of Pinoy sabong, many Filipinos have shown interest in sabong online. Even offshore based sports betting providers now offer international sabong among their list of games and services.

With so many options to choose from, the selection process can be quite a challenge. Always go for regulated and licensed bookmakers to know that your money and sensitive information are safe.

In addition, this will trim down your options to save you time and energy from going through different websites and doing the comparison.

That said, we have come up with a few names in online sports betting. Bookmakers like K9win, Fafa855, and Fafa191 cater to Filipino bettors and other Asian players. These three have headquarters in different Asian countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

K9win is licensed and issued by the government of Curacao where you can also find an array of gaming options. The online casino also has dedicated customer support should players encounter issues that need an immediate solution.

Explore their offerings through their easy to navigate platform. Account creation is straightforward. Plus, benefit from their convenient deposit and withdrawal options with no limit transactions.

fafa212 website

Fafa855 and Fafa191 are also Asian based online casinos with sports betting offerings. The former was established around 2012 – 2013 and operates under the Philippine government agency; PAGCOR or Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation.

Other than the common Western games, Fafa855 also features cockfighting events that the majority of Filipino players love.

To make the gaming experience more exciting, new players will benefit from many bonuses and promotions that are too good to ignore. On top of that, the deposit and withdrawal options are automated for a convenient and streamlined process. 

Unlike other online casinos, the withdrawal processing time is also fast and easy. It will only take at least 3 minutes for winnings to be credited to the players’ preferred payout method.

Meanwhile, Fafa191 is the sister company of Fafa855. It is also registered and licensed under the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation. To date, Fafa191 has more than 1000 games available from top software providers.

While this online gaming platform does not disappoint when it comes to bonuses and promotions, the only downside is that it has only a limited number of payment methods for deposits and withdrawals.

With the rise of competition, these above-mentioned gaming platforms have launched responsible gaming features to protect their players. 

Through warning messages, programs that limit the amount of money as well as the time spent on playing, and self-exclusions, players are protected from the problems of excessive gaming. New and experienced players alike are given simple yet effective ways and reminders to gamble responsibly.

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How to be a Responsible Bettor

When playing Pinoy sabong or other forms of online gambling, it is important to not tolerate the signs of excessive gambling. Whether it is sports betting online or classic casino games, it is always important to deal with the issue.

The first step is to recognize the problem. Understanding the patterns of behavior will help you develop preventive measures. Second, practice self-barring when you notice signs of overindulgence.

Take a short break from sports betting online or give up gambling fully if you cannot keep it at a responsible level. Do not be afraid to reach out when you see signs of any problematic behavior. There are plenty of organizations or self-help that you use to help you face the situation.

Depending on the severity of the problem, professional intervention might be needed. It may be hard at first and you might be judged, but no amount of therapy can help you if you are not willing to get better.

We always recommend and encourage responsible gaming or gambling. Regardless of your status, gambling may give you the opportunity to win huge money but your health and overall well-being are more important.

Should you decide to check your 888 sabong online login or set up your e-sabong login, always remember not to chase your losses, stick to your own cash, set a budget, and do not spend too much time engaging in sports betting online. It should only be a source of entertainment, not a reason to stress you out.

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