Sweet Bonanza slot Online 2022 – review

Sweet Bonanza

Are you interested in sweet fruits and candies? Sweet Bonanza is the right choice. It’s an awesome game and successful in getting more operators. This type of game entered the online gambling market in 2019 and offers gameplay that is proven to be addictive for the players.

Realistic and high-quality graphics will make you feel more at home during the game. You can also enjoy the trial mode of this Sweet Bonanza slot game for free in Clash of Clans without having to register first.

Then also this Sweet Bonanza offers a theoretical return (RTP) of 96.51% with an above-average risk level. Not only that, the potential for a win is as much as 21100x with a maximum win. Overall, this game will provide the best and most enjoyable experience.

Short Review of Sweet Bonanza Slots

Play Sweet Bonanza, or what is often called a 6 reel slot that has support from Pragmatic Play. Then for its gameplay, it is based on the Tumble feature, which means that the winning combination will stimulate a chain reaction. Later the winning symbol will be removed and replaced with a new version.

Things like this will certainly reap the benefits and win in a row. It is also one of the most popular games in recent years. The reason is that its gameplay is growing and expanding, allowing players to interact with slots more than match cross-app video games.

Apart from having a much larger 6×5 park to play in, you’ll also get lots of interesting features. The bonus spins where a random multiplier can drop in an increase in winnings of up to 100x.

But you have to determine the level of the stake, whether at 20x or 25x. At this 20x bet level of (0.20 – 100 € per spin), you will be given the option to purchase the free spins bonus with a capital of 100x your stake.

Sweet Bonanza (1)

Sweet Bonanza 1 Slots Symbols & Pay Tables

Icon 1 Slot Sweet Bonanza

  • 12+ x50
  • 10-11 x 25
  • 8-9 x10

Icon 2 Slots Sweet Bonanza

  • 12+ x15
  • 10-11 x10
  • 8-9 x2.5

Icon 3 Slots Sweet Bonanza

  • 12+ x15
  • 10-11 x5
  • 8-9 x2

Icon 4 Slots Sweet Bonanza

  • 12+ x12
  • 10-11 x2
  • 8-9 x1.5

Icon 5 Slots Sweet Bonanza

  • 12+ x10
  • 10-11 x1.5
  • 8-9 x1

Icon 6 Slots Sweet Bonanza

  • 12+ x8
  • 10-11 x1.2
  • 8-9 x0.8

Icon 7 Slots Sweet Bonanza 

  • 12+ x5
  • 10-11 x1
  • 8-9 x0.5

Icon 8 Slots Sweet Bonanza

  • 12+ x4
  • 10-11 x0.9
  • 8-9 x0.4

9 Slots Sweet Bonanza Icon

  • 12+ x2
  • 10-11 x0.75
  • 8-9 x0.25

Scatter Slot Sweet Bonanza

  • Spread 6×100, 5×5, 4×3

Icon 11 Sweet Bonanza Slot

  • Multiplier

Wins Continuously at Sweet Bonanza Slot (Guaranteed Profit)

Well, then here we also want to provide leaked information regarding certain special hours that are believed to be able to provide continuous wins in the Sweet Bonanza slot. 

This means that chance and luck can be triggered by many things, and everything does not depend on luck. Many players have tried and got the biggest advantage. For those of you who want to play the Sweet Bonanza slot with consecutive wins in the form of jackpot prizes, then please play at the following hours:

Continuous Winning Hours Sweet Bonanza Slot 01:20 – 02:40 WIB

For the first hour, the highest winning streak is at 01:20 – 02:40 WIB. This hour is claimed to be very proven in the Pragmatic Play slot game because at that time the game activity is quiet. This can stimulate the possibility of big prize opportunities from the jackpot and max win.

Continuous Winning Hours Slot Sweet Bonanza 10:10 – 12:25 WIB

The second consecutive winning hour is at 10:10 – 12:25 WIB, precisely at noon. It is at this time that the servers from Pragmatic Play are doing great in their rounds, so they have great potential for their fantastic jackpots.

Here’s the Pattern of the Fast Sweet Bonanza Slot Game Max Win

slot players believe Sweet Bonanza in, certain patterns can also make it easier to win to bring home the biggest jackpot prize. Here is the pattern of the game:

  • Spin M (Manual 35x – DC ON)
  • Spin MT (Manual Turbo 23x – DC OFF)
  • Spin MC (Quick Manual 35x – DC ON)
  • Spin Auto ( VXV – 10X)
  • Auto Spin ( XVV – 20X)
  • Auto Spin (XXX – 30X)
  • Spin Auto (VXX – 40X)
  • Spin MTC (Manual Without Checklist 32x – DC ON)

Please play this Sweet Bonanza slot right away on a trusted, officially licensed site. Then play too slowly and gradually. With a minimum bet of 200P only, and continue to increase while observing the potential. The bigger the deposit, the bigger the prize will usually be.


Can I play Sweet Bonanza slots for free without real money?

Yes of course, because our site is a place for you to play Sweet Bonanza slots for free without the need for registration.

Where is the best place for me to play the Sweet Bonanza slot?

When you visit demo mode on all trusted online gambling operators or online casino-related sites. For example, like Clash of Slots, and there everything will be safe and fine,

Is Sweet Bonanza supported on mobile devices?

Yes, of course, because this one slot machine has been optimized for use on various devices, both Desktop and Mobile.

How can I win playing the Sweet Bonanza slot?

This is a licensed online slot with random system results, so all you need is luck with a little pattern used in the game.

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