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Treasure Island Slot

Game Treasure Island slot will take the players on an adventure that is very extraordinary and exciting. The treasure hunt begins with the intro, where two pirates will dig through the sand to find treasure gold. Then also this one game offers excellent graphics of high quality. 

You’ll also find caricatures of fun pirates, but a bit noisy. The scroll would float between two palm trees swaying in the wind. Meanwhile, the ship will be bobbing on the water from a distance of viewing distance. Many interesting sound effects are memorable when heard which makes it more dramatic and gripping. 

Players will also be given four special bonus features from this Treasure Island slot game. Next we will also provide information regarding the multiplier round as a form of attractive prizes. Unlike other pirates who need a paper map to find their next move. 

You only need to use a smart device to be able to play this exciting and interesting game which is made in HTML5 format. For that, don’t be lulled and linger, sail right away and enjoy the excitement of the free demo of the slot game.

Rules & Playing Treasure Island Slot Games

You should also know that the Treasure Island slot game has a very popular rule with the term 5 reels and 3 rows. There are at least 18 paylines that are maintained with various options available. To be able to manage all the total bets, then you have to adapt to two choices. 

The first is that the coin value ranges from €0.05 to €1.00. Next you also need to determine the value of the rare bets one and five. This will allow a minimum bet of €0.90 per bet with a maximum of €90.

There are several options you can make to adapt to the game. You can later click on the frame menu and make settings automatically to continue running for approximately 10 to 500 rounds. Don’t forget to turn off the music and sound effects as needed, or even change the speed and slowness of the game itself. 

Not only that, for this Treasure Island video slot it offers a feature called Reel Pot. For a portion of his winnings from all players will be collected into the Reel Pot itself. This means that it will be represented by a chest from the game. Also keep in mind that high and maximum bets can provide a great opportunity to be able to unlock all Reel Pot locks with random wins.

Treasure Island Slot 2022

Symbols & Payouts in the Treasure Island Slot Game

Now, for the normal symbols in this Treasure Island slot game, the entry of a coin that has markings such as 10, J, Q, K and A. Interestingly there is also a symbol of a pair of swords, then a plow. sea, here’s a gun. In terms of the rules for the payment of the icon everything is based on the value of the step you have selected. The highest payline reward occurs when you can land five pistols on the payline to win 1,000x.

There is also a representative of the parrot that can replace all existing symbols, and this will only appear on the reels in the middle position. When you complete the victory line of flags, swords, and guns, then at that moment the prize will be doubled. Outside can’t it.

There are also flour sack-like shapes that don’t have the potential for any features. However, it will pay out up to 50x the total bet when you land three in any position. There are also 2 cannon bonus symbols and a treasure chest which we will discuss in the next explanation.

Attractive Bonus Features in the Treasure Island Slot Game

Furthermore, there are two interesting bonus features in the Treasure Island slot game that players can get as a form of double winning. This Battleship Bonus occurs because it is triggered by a canon symbol. Then for a Treasure Hunt bonus occurs triggered by a decorative chest.

You only need to land three or more of the symbols on the same reel and close together to generate the bonus prize. The number of bonus symbols will give the player a multiplier to start the round with -1x, 2x or 3x. Each for 3, 4, or even 5 symbols.

After that you also need to interact with the game. The goal is to be able to find other additional bonus prizes. Shoot down all the enemy ships in this round of Battleship, or choose the lucky treasure chest you want. 

Doing so will reveal a multiplier that adds up to 20x. The two rounds will end with a chance to fight for your victory in the game. You can also refuse participation or even continue to fight for everything until it happens 5 times in a row.

In the end you will be able to get free spins of this Treasure Island slot game by landing 3 reels or even more. Remember that the number of reels will determine the number of spins you get. Underline that for 3 reels can give 7 spins, 4 reels give 20 spins, and 5 reels can give 50 spins. Everything you can re-trigger very easily and the result is as expected.

Treasure Island Slot 2022 (1)

Treasure Island Slot RTP & Volatility The

RTP of this Treasure Island slot game is 94.38% which is quite high and provides a very high chance of winning. However, this Treasure Island game is one of the most popular Quickspin games and can provide many advantages. This is one of the easiest slot machines to get 3 scatter symbols.

Treasure Island slot already provides a wild symbol and pays it 10x the total bet for a 5-of-a-kind combination. 40 pay lines can provide a winning chance with a maximum of 400x of the total bet in each rotation.

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