Wild Toro 2 Slot Online 2022 – review

Wild Toro 2

Wild Toro 2 is an online slot game developed by ELK Studios that offers an animal theme, along with an interesting soundtrack that can entertain and make you satisfied.

Features include respins, wild runs, wild multipliers, and wild trails. Well, for the RTP it has 95% with the main prize as much as 10,000x. Of course, this is very interesting because this one slot game provides equal opportunities for all players. pycasino.com

Theme & Graphics of the Wild Toro 2 Slot

When viewed from a design perspective, this Wild Toro 2 slot has similarities to the original Wild Toro slot, but its aesthetic is a bit more subtle and dynamic. You can certainly judge with the naked eye the difference between the two at the time of its release. 

Interestingly, the soundtrack presented by the second version of the Wild Toro slot is much better and more optimal than its predecessor. This means that this latest version has exotic flamenco notes on a background that is more complete with fun singing notes.

Here the players can place bets from 0, 20 to 100 simultaneously in the total bet. There are 259 pay lines and can also reach 502 pay lines. Well, the more pay lines there are, the greater the chance for you to get the lucky prize combination.

Then also to be able to adjust the value of the bet, then you need to press the coin button located on the lower left side of the screen. Here you can make settings to start betting starting from 0, 20 to 100 at once.

Wild Toro 2 (1)

Wild Toro 2 Slot Bonus Features

For those of you who have tried playing the Wild Toro slot game, of course, you are already familiar with its feature called the wild road. However, the Wild Toro 2 slot is a very fun game and can provide entertainment for the players. Tons of great features can give you a different and unforgettable gaming experience.

The bonus features start with the Walking Wilds feature which consists of Silver and Gold Matadors, along with Toro itself. Then also these symbols will run wild and can give a respin when they start moving on the reels. That way you will get more chances of winning easily. Gold Matadors also have an increasing multiplier value, and with each step, they take themselves on the reels.

Many interesting things make this slot of Wild Toro 2 game so popular today, one of which is because the pay lines have been very varied, and this is because the slot reels can be enlarged and expanded vertically significantly. 

How not, the reels themselves can be expanded up to 8 rows of symbols, and this of course can provide even more opportunities for you to win large amounts. This is also the case when a Matador begins to enter his sights.

Here is the Maximum Win in the Wild Toro 2 Slot Game.

Next, here for the maximum win in this Wild Toro 2 slot game, 10,000x your bet. This means that theoretically you can bet up to a maximum of 100, and you will also get a win of 1,000,000. Vice versa, if you make a bet with a minimum of 0, 20, then the maximum win is 2,000.

Wild Toro 2 (2)

Here’s How to Win Playing Wild Toro 2 Slot

How to win playing the Wild Toro 2 slot is very clear, because here you just have to choose the amount of money you want to bet per line (1-25) by turning the wheel. Then you can also choose one of the many bonus rounds available through the X-iter feature by ELK Studios itself.

You also have to decide the number of bets you want to make when you start the game. Later all you need to do is just click on the “Play” button. In it two options allow you and all the players to play up to 100 rounds automatically without the need to press any buttons. Very interesting isn’t it?

For you to win, then you must be able to get the appropriate symbol on the left to the right line (from the first reel). There is also an automatic feature that allows players to sit back and watch the reels spin on their own.  

The higher the stake, the much greater chance of getting a more ideal payout. For that, please place a high bet, and enjoy all the interesting features that the Wild Toro 2 slot game from ELK Studios currently has.


How much RTP does the Wild Toro 2 slot have?

The RTP owned by the Wild Toro 2 slot is 95%, it’s just that there is a decrease from the original slot which has an RTP of 96.4%.

What is the biggest winning form that Wild Toro 2 has?

The biggest form of victory in this Wild Toro 2 slot game is 10,000x. This is one of the main prizes that is very appropriate for you to get in a volatile slot like this.

How many wild features does the Wild Toro 2 slot have?

There are at least 3 wild features in this Wild Toro 2 slot game. For the Silver Matador itself, it is one of the wild animals that run to trigger respins, while for the Gold Matadors to trigger the multiplier respins there is an increase.

How many ways to win playing the Wild Toro 2 slot are available?

The Wild Toro 2 slot game starts with as many as 259 ways to win, but it seems to improve. This means that it depends on the number of Matador Wilds on the reels. Then the maximum number of ways to win is 502.

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